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Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D
Год выпуска: 2017
Жанр: Авиасимулятор
Разработчик: Lockheed Martin
Издатель: Lockheed Martin
Тип издания: лицензия
Язык интерфейса: английский
Язык озвучки: английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Системные требования:
  • ОС: Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
  • Процессор: Dual- or Quad Core 3.0 GHz (Per Core) +
  • Память: 4 GB и выше
  • Жесткий диск: 30 GB (3 GB для SDK) Solid State Drive (SSD) настоятельно рекомендуется
  • Видеокарта: С объёмом памяти 4 GB и выше (GDDR5 или лучше) с поддержкой DirectX 11
    Описание: 64 bit симулятор!
    Доп. информация: Activator by Max Connor


Обновления торрент-файла

26.06.2017 - Обновлено до версии Для обновления с предыдущих версий необходимо переустановить только клиент


Fixes and Improvements
Fixed an issue in VR views that prevented dynamic lighting in the right eye
Fixed memory leak related to external views and vehicle textures
Fixed performance impact when entering and then exiting VR
Fixed text label size mismatches in VR
Fixed the F-16 speedbrakes
Corrected an issue where a scenario saved from the startup screen would not be loaded after a reset
Preventing vehicle sounds from playing during load
Fixed a crash on startup due to controllers using bad port and hub values
Added an unobtrusive watermark for developer licenses
Fix for a crash when using index 0 with playload stations
Fix for ICAO entries in the Logbook
Corrected the clickable mouse area of the RadarGauge
Added the Delete Scenario button back to the Scenario user interface
Fixed effect texture orientations being flipped (e.g. coastline waves)
Fixed the Graphics Profile Name not syncing with the correct saved graphics settings
Fixed issue related to the flag SIMCONNECT_CLIENT_DATA_PERIOD_ON_SET not working with SimConnect_RequestClientData
Corrected issues with autogen Annotator building selection that would result in missed or incorrect selections
Interface windows will no longer move behind main window when losing focus
Fixed Logbook issue that was preventing logging start/end points
Corrected various issues with the Flight Instructor user interface
Added pitch, bank, heading to the GPS broadcast capabilities for electronic flight bags
Updated various XML configuration file encodings
Corrected a commands binding error with the Steering Set key
Fixed null terminating string issue when using RequestDataOnSimObject with ATC strings
Fixed issue preventing the vehicle preview screen from rendering in the New Scenario window
Changed the default textbox to ICAO for the Select Airport user interface
Fixed multiplayer crash when using Direct IP connections
Fixed errant river feature in ocean QMID 50,31 (West Africa)
No longer instantiating radios if they are not configured for an object
Fixed an issue where the vehicle preview window would not render in certain views
Fixed an issue where View Group selection would be out of sync with the context menu
Fixed an issue where undocking views would not immediately be processed
Fixed unicode issues with Traffic Toolbox
Fixed an issue where second UV channels were not correctly being exported to .X files
Fixed scenery.cfg encoding issue after leaving the Scenery Library view
Fixed an issue where SimConnect applications were receiving the wrong event id
Fixed an issue regarding minimum temperature in the Advanced Weather view
Fixed an issue where the Scenery Library was not reporting all errors
The Select Airport view’s ICAO search box is now above other search boxes
Minor layout updates to the Select Airport screen
Content error reports will now have more detailed XML parse error messages
Fixed a crash in the Shp2Vec tool when compiling polygons with less than three points
Fixed an issue where malformed DLL.xml and EXE.xml files would cause Add-on DLL and EXE to fail to load
Fixed an issue where multiplayer settings were not correctly assigned when using the Direct Connect method
Added reverse thrust axis events
Fixed issues with certain locale settings
Fixed incorrect locations of certain buildings and bridges in Instanbul
Traffic settings now save again in Graphics Profiles
Added exception handling for error that would occur when certain audio codecs were installed
Fixed crash that could occur when making modifications to the Scenery Library with add-on scenery
Fixed issue that caused stars to draw in the incorrect order
Added Show Only Favorites button back to Vehicle Select Screen
11.10.2017 - Обновлено до версии Для обновления с предыдущих версий необходимо переустановить клиент и контент


New Features
Virtual Reality (VR) is now available in any view and has its own dedicated menu
Added interactive mouse pointer in VR
Added support for 4k Virtual Cockpit (VC) textures
Custom icons can be placed and rendered in the world. Their location can also be viewed in the 2D map.
Health points for the ownship are now displayed in InfoGen text
Added “HideMouseLookCrosshair” config option to disable the cross icon when using mouse look
Notification text can now be added using the “CustomNoticeText” config option
Added support for cockpit rain effects. Added effect to default vehicles (requires Content installer)
New Features (Professional Plus Only)
High-Level Architecture (HLA) network interface is implemented (experimental – work in progress)
Fixes and Improvements
Fixed an issue where turn rate was incorrect for large ships
Fixed an issue that prevented legacy Prepar3D v1 SimConnect apps from properly connecting
Fixed various z-ordering issues with primitive objects
Fixed issue with SimConnect port values being written incorrectly to the registry
Fixed intermittent issue with autopilot glide slope
Barometric pressure units now display correctly in the Custom Weather screen
Added scenario favorites button back to the Load Scenario screen
Updated select camera control descriptions to be more consistent
Fixed issue where weather data for animated scenery objects was invalid after a vehicle change
Fixed rotation issues with certain lights and effects
Fixed crash that could occur when calling the FlightPlanDeleteWaypoint function within a gauge
Updated the default Max VC Texture Size config entry to 4096
Fixed bug where user vehicle would still move to new location after hitting cancel from the Scenario Edit screen
Fixed shader support for pre-lit materials without textures
Fixed crash that could occur when zooming the GPS map
Duplicated panels are now saved into scenario .fxml files
Fixed crash that could occur when attempting to change airports at certain locations
Fixed crash that could occur when reading in invalid autogen data
Panels with pixel_size value set in config now correctly save their position in fxml files
Fixed bug where changing the time in small increments in the Startup Screen did not update the simulation
Fixed bug where quickly hitting enter after typing an entry in the Airport Select screen would not change the user’s location
Fixed bug where structured scenarios would load incorrectly at the startup screen when set to default
Fixed bug where unlimited frame rate value was written out differently in saved profiles compared to Prepar3d.cfg settings
The ATC window now longer processes key commands when key modifiers (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) are held down
The ATC window now processes key commands when undocked and not focused
Updated Learning Center file encodings to support Unicode characters
Autogen polyline buildings now respect the autogen building density slider value
Fixed issue that prevented light rotation key commands from controlling attached landing lights
Fixed issue that prevented HDR lighting values from syncing correctly in VR
Fixed several cases where attached effect rotation values would not update correctly
Previous camera settings are now restored correctly when leaving VR
Fixed edge cases where full screen would not black out the main view at the Startup Screen
Fixed issue preventing full screen resolution from being set correctly in the Startup Screen
Fixed issue that prevented vehicles from positioning correctly on platforms when loading a scenario
Updated VR social screen to show both stereo and single views
Fixed erroneous ordering error that would display when opening Scenery Library with certain add-on sceneries installed
VR can be disabled with the “LoadVirtualReality” Prepar3D.cfg option
“Reload User Object” key command now additionally flushes and reloads textures
Fixed issue that would cause ribbon visual paths to stop drawing after a short period of time
SpeedTree models now draw correctly in Radar and GData sensor modes
Fixed view change issues when using the view change hot key in a view group
VR can be enabled at startup with the “EnableVirtualRealityOnStartup” Prepar3D.cfg option
Improved detection of VR headsets with more robust error reporting
Fixed crash that could occur after installing a large number of scenery add-ons
Fixes and Improvements (Professional Plus Only)
Fixed bug where weapon loadouts would load incorrectly after a reset if the loadout title contained a comma
Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) heartbeat now more configurable
Attached DIS entities now correctly handled
New Features
Added radio frequency support and direct voice chat through multiplayer Chat Window
Fixes and Improvements
Improved panel state management when entering multiplayer
New Features
Scaleform Objects can now be placed and rendered within the VC
The starting waypoint can now be set for AI Objects
Fixes and Improvements
Gizmo buttons now toggle based on gizmo state
Fixed slow down when entering the visualization
BGL can now be exported again through SimDirector
Fixed bug where translation gizmo would not be selectable if partially off screen
Fixed crash that could occur when clicking panels while recording a Virtual Instructor (VI) session
The position of copied objects is now slightly offset from the original
Camera Objects can now be referenced by View Change Actions
Fixed issue that prevented object rotation values from exporting to BGL
Fixed issue where the xml file name would be truncated after the first period when clicking “Save as”
Camera name validation errors now link to the correct property
Fixed bug where navigation visuals would stay enabled in SimDirector if changed in core Prepar3D
Fixed issue preventing RPN scripts from working correctly with Script Triggers
Prepar3D Content
New Features
Added rain effect to cockpit glass in default vehicles
F-16A and F-16AM now feature a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) reticle, which can also be viewed in VR
Fixes and Improvements
Added configurable max_turn_rate for boat SimObjects
Updated default scenario flt files to support Unicode characters
Fixed flashing that would occur with the Fury 1500 when in Black Hot IR mode
Fixed missing cockpit textures in the F-16
Removed incompatible AI models
Prepar3D Scenery
Fixes and Improvements
Fixed missing textures in St. Louis Adams Mark
Removed invisible objects that could cause vehicle to crash at KBWI
Prepar3D SDK
New Features
Weather PDK now supports all functions available in SimConnect
Added CustomIcons sample showcasing new custom icon capabilities
Added additional Window PDK functions supporting 3D window positioning
Added PDK Menu service
Fixes and Improvements
Updated various documentation including Panel API, user selectable vehicles, texture types, and add-on scenery
Expanded IsSelectableVehicle support for use in fltsim cfg sections
Fixed issue where Weather METAR functions in SimConnect and PDK would return different formats
Fixed issue where the bounding box and radius override values were not being written out correctly by the 3dsMax exporter
Fixed issue that prevented Optimize Parts from working with complex vehicle models
Updated targeting pod sample showing controllable camera functionality
Removed Learning Management System (LMS) SDK sample and associated documentation
Added Managed Scenario Controller SDK sample. This can be used with LMS integration among other applications.
Fixed SimConnect_Text issue with displaying extended ASCII characters
Fixed issue with 3dsMax plugins not exporting OverrideRadius and OverrideBoundingBox values
Added key event token and event id lookup functions to PDK
Fixed crash and added warning message when attempting to create VC textures with filenames greater than 16 characters
Fixed crash in managed SimConnect applications on shut down. These applications will need to be recompiled for this change to take effect.
Fixed several issues with the EnvironmentForceManager
13.02.2018 - Обновлено до версии Для обновления с предыдущей версии нужно переустановить только клиент.


Prepar3D Client
New Features

Added Single-Pass VR support for improved VR performance.
Added headset selection to the VR menu
Added helicopter AI capabilities
Added helicopter autopilot functionality
Added support for ground based waypoint and wingman AI
Added Voice Control (experimental).
New Features (Professional Plus Only)
Added Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Collision PDU support
Fixes and Improvements
Fixed crash that could occur when moving windows across different GPUs
Fixed issue in VR where the red top-down cursor would only show in the left eye view
Fixed issue that could cause AI to jitter when viewing recordings
Fixed flickering issue in VR when changing to a sensor view for the first time
Fixed bug preventing graphics profile names from saving correctly
Fixed issue with the crash view being misaligned in VR
Fixed issue in the flight planner screen where altitude units would not sync with user preferences
Fixed issue with full screen not correctly blacking out monitors with certain resolution settings
Filenames containing a ‘.’ character are now supported
Added additional VR error messages to assist in debugging common issues
Specified content errors will now only be reported once
Added pop-up message that is shown when graphics driver crashes allowing scenario to be saved before shut down
Fixed issue preventing navigation visual ribbons from properly appearing in instant replay and recordings
Fixed issue where invalid ATC options were assigned to ground vehicles
Fixed issue where commands assigned to numeric keys with modifiers (i.e. shift + 1) would not execute when the ATC window was open
Fixed crash that could occur when having the ATC window open for an extended period of time when using a ground vehicle
Fixed Scaleform crash occurring in various third party add-ons
Corrected time zone processing so the date changes correctly when switching to an airport in a different hemisphere
Fixed several time zone issues including updating GMT references to UTC, updating daylight savings time dates, fixing default time zone locations, and fixing international date line behavior
Added “Message Text” option to enable or disable additional information text messages including opening the aircraft canopy
Fixed issue where Air Traffic views would not correctly sync in VR
Fixed issue preventing HTC Vive headsets from being used on machines with Oculus Software installed
Fixed crash with Ultra Water when using third party add-on aircraft
Fixed crash in Scaleform sound playback
Fixed Unicode error with CustomAction payload strings
Fixed crash that would occur when deleting the last assignment in the Controls user interface
Fixed several issues with the recording system including objects spawned from a SpawnList not appearing, avatar animations not playing, and bookmarks not saving all data
VR settings can be now set to persist
Fixed issue where base AI could overwrite AI behavior states
Fixed issue where heading would be lost when AI tug was turned on
Fixed issue that could cause incorrect or corrupt textures to load when having several scenery add-ons installed through the Add-on Package setup
Updating vehicle airspeed in the map UI no longer causes the pitch and bank to reset back to 0
Autopilot airspeed increment and decrement can now be mapped to keyboard commands
Fixed bug where desktop resolution would not revert to its original value when exiting in some cases
Fixed issue with sky color being incorrect when volumetric fog was disabled
Fixed issue with focal points being incorrectly colored in IR Black Hot camera mode
Minor improvements to terrain paging performance
Camera definitions now use content pathing when loading Scaleform movies
Gauge events and scripts are now processed by the user object when the avatar is detached
Scaleform overlays can now be set to source data from a camera’s target object
Corrected frustum offsets for cameras. Fix corrects Roll being incorrectly handled across the platform for cameras.
Fixed issue with loading third party dlls on Windows 10
Undocked windows now correctly persist their maximized state when application is restored after being minimized
Fixed left-eye lag seen in Oculus Rift VR headsets
Fixed performance and stability issues with Ultra Water on Nvidia 10 series cards
Improved AI waypoint following
Fixed issue where cameras would save incorrect field of view values in some cases
Fixed issue where batched objects would have incorrect positions at high altitudes
Fixed tab order in Fuel and Payload UI and Failures UI
Fixed small freezes that would occur when using the SimConnect text menu
Fixed issue where Scaleform panels would flicker in SLI when undocking views
Fixed issue where F-22 ground radar would flicker in SLI
Improved performance for render-to-texture (RTT) views and plugins in SLI
Improved Dynamic Lighting performance by filtering lights based on distance and size
Adjusted the size of stars in reflections
Fixed crash that could occur when certain jetways would animate
Fixed issue where opening the context menu in undocked views would cause a slight delay
Fixed incorrect tooltips in the Information options page
Fixed issue that would cause text added through SimConnect to draw twice each frame
Fixed cloud lighting inconsistencies between multiple views
Fixed issue that could prevent certain model parts from becoming visible after switching between views
Fixes and Improvements (Professional Plus Only)
IP address of machine is now automatically detected in the DIS menu configuration
Fixed issue that could cause weapons to draw in the incorrect location depending on viewing angles inside the Virtual Cockpit
Fixed issue that prevented the avatar from reloading weapon systems on a scenario load
New Features

Added support for configuring new helicopter AI capabilities
Entities and Mobile Scenery now support AGL altitudes
Fixes and Improvements
Fixed issue which caused scenario cameras to disappear when renamed
Fixed issue where resize cursor would incorrectly appear in certain locations in the Selected Properties view
Fixed crash that could occur when importing object groups
Fixed crash that could occur when playing a flight recording
Fixed incorrect terrain origin with scenario cameras
Fixed issue that would cause objects to disappear after deactivating their corresponding waypoint list
Added validation for missing object references in AI behaviors
Fixed crash that would occur when setting the current waypoint of an object to a value out of range
Fixed issue that prevented focal points from drawing after switching to an external view
Fixed issue where translate and scale gizmos would incorrectly activate when dragging the mouse over them
Fixed issue with drag selection not deselecting appropriate objects
The waypoint window is now opened when creating a waypoint list
Clicking a selected object now deselects all other selected objects
Fixed selection issues seen when dragging icon clusters
SetGaugeActions now persist their values when changing variants of the same vehicle
Fixed issue where scale gizmo could be selected for the user ownship
Fixed crash when running Comprehensive Scenario Validation
Fixed driver crash caused by dragging multiple SpeedTree objects
Fixed issue where moving objects would snap to their original location when moving while the translate gizmo was active
Fixed issue where the rotate gizmo would jitter when selecting certain axes
UI elements no longer lose focus when mouse moves over the 3D map view in Windows 10
Reduced SimDirector loading time
Fixed issue where SimDirector would hang on shutdown with third party add-ons installed
Fixed serialization issue with the ScaleformPanelWindow
Moved mode change buttons to a separate ribbon tab and refactored base ribbon tab layout
Snap to Ground is now set to off by default
Prepar3D Content
New Features

Added CH-53E Super Stallion Marine and Navy variants as default selectable vehicles
Added MH-60R and MH-60S Seahawk variants as default selectable vehicles
F-16A and F-16AM HMD reticles now display in VR
New placeable scenario objects added:
Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV)
Space Launch System (SLS) Block 1
Generic Jet Fighters
Special Forces Boats
Container Ship
Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
Transporter Erector
6×4 Truck
M901 Patriots
Tanker Truck Yellow
Lowboy Semi-Tractor Trailer
Desert Hawk 3.1
Indago UAS
Fixes and Improvements
Updated default avatar cameras to use the avatar as the data source for Scaleform overlays. This corrects errors with the compass when using multiple views.
Improved F-16 HUD readability
Moved UH-60 default eyepoint to center of the seat
Prepar3D Scenery
Fixes and Improvements

Fixed large trench running through Syria
Fixed coastline dips in Guam
Fixed runway Z-order issues at KNRB
Prepar3D SDK
New Features

Added Voice Control PDK plugin and service to add custom voice commands to the system (experimental)
Added Voice Control SimConnect sample
Windows and panels can now be placed in 3D space using the PDK
Added AttachPointService providing location and orientation of attached objects
Grass can be added as autogen on airport backgrounds
Added SimConnect camera type to create external AI cameras
Added ability to listen to SimConnect_Text messages with SimConnect_SubscribeToSystemEvent
Scaleform panel samples for:
Airspeed Indicator
Altimeter Instrument
Artificial Horizon Indicator
Control Display Unit
Cyclic and Collective
Heading Gauge
Magnetic Compass
Multi-Function Display
Vertical Speed Indicator
Fixes and Improvements
Fixed bug preventing VK_NUMPAD keys from being handled correctly through SimConnect
Add-on dlls now automatically search current directory for dependent dlls
Fixed issue where SimConnect_RequestFacilitiesList would not return the complete list of relevant facilities in some cases
Fixed incorrect pointer type in GetParameter function in gauges.h header
Unified SimConnect and simulation variable functionality by providing the same capabilities in each system
SimConnect_RequestAttachPointData now correctly returns the requested object id and also supports SIMCONNECT_OBJECT_ID_USER
Fixed Unicode bug when exporting models with duplicate parts
Fixed bug preventing the ExternalSim sample project from building in debug.
26.06.2018 - Обновлено до версии


Prepar3D Client
New Features

Vehicle panels can now be used in VR.
Window Definitions can now be created and applied to Prepar3D windows.
Added Scenery Library and Add-ons to the Startup Screen.
Added interactive Map to the Airport Selection Screen.
New Features (Professional Plus Only)
Added basic Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) support.
Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) entity appearances can now be customized per bit via XML file.
Fixes and Improvements
Fixed issue where right clicking the ATC and closing would cause the ATC window to reopen on a view change.
Fixed inaccurate heading when broadcasting to ForeFlight.
Invalid camera settings no longer save out when saving in VR.
Various VR Performance improvements increasing overall framerates and stability.
Virtual Cockpit (VC) rendering performance improvements.
Fixed visual bug where UI windows would flash at the wrong location when opened.
PreVC post processing optimized with new VC rendering techniques.
Updated Colorizer post process to correctly use stencil buffer.
Fixed numpad view panning when using SimConnect applications.
Fixed rare bug in Oculus initialization that could cause visual anomalies.
Fixed visual errors when using Oculus with SteamVR.
Fixed VR issue which prevented the proper single pass stereo mode from updating based on settings.
Fixed bug preventing the ShowMessageText setting from persisting.
Fixed issue with undocked views not focusing and accepting input when closing their context menu.
Fixed bug preventing add-ons from loading properly with trailing slashes ‘\’ in file paths.
Added a VR settings UI screen and reorganized VR menu items.
Oculus VR headsets can now be used with SteamVR.
Added VR emulator option to test VR without having a headset connected (requires installing SteamVR).
Cinematographer camera movement speed is now updated based on joystick sensitivity settings.
Fixed issue that could cause the ATC window to be disabled unexpectedly.
Fixed issue that caused keypresses to be processed on SimConnect menu windows when opened.
Zoom is now available in VR.
Installer is now digitally signed.
Fixed crash that would occur in vehicles with a large number of VCockpit panel entries.
SimConnect menus no longer register for key presses larger than the menu option count.
Reduced lag when opening context menus.
Fixed bug where numeric keypresses to SimConnect windows would also be sent to the main application.
Custom camera menu items are now displayed in their view category and can be applied to views when opened.
Deleting a custom camera now only resets views that had that specific custom camera applied instead of all views in that category.
Default settings for VR, ViewGroups, and Multichannel are now written out to configuration files.
Added reset camera menu option in context menu and menu bar. Reset also reapplies custom camera values if set on the view.
Updated default zoom levels for cockpit and virtual cockpit entries to 0.3.
Fixed issues with certain sensor views in VR singlepass with MSAA enabled.
Fixed bug that caused voice communication issues over multiplayer.
Added -rolename command line option. This lets users specify the rolename for multiplayer scenarios.
Startup screen is no longer displayed when using the -net command line option.
Both structured and unstructured scenarios can be selected when booting directly into multiplayer using the -mp command line option.
Fixed visual issues with focal points.
Placed dynamic lights are now processed in clusters with additional distance-based checks improving performance.
Added ability to create custom voice control phrases from VR.
Renamed Selection key events in the Controls UI to Selection/Zoom so that the key binding for zooming is easily searchable.
Added magneto increment/decrement to Controls UI.
Removed redundant work in water texture processing.
Fixed hybrid unit display errors in UI.
Added checkbox for disabling cockpit momentum effects.
Fixed margin errors, tooltips, and minor visual bugs in several UI screens.
Fixed issues where custom scenery could cause invalid data to be written in land classes.
Fixed bug where secondary view group windows would not fully expand to the left and right of the display.
Fixed bug where maximized windows on secondary monitors would not cover the taskbar in full screen on Windows 10.
Fixed bug with vehicle doors opening after a SimConnect menu was opened.
Added additional fallback case when loading control mappings to disregard any GUID in the title. This is useful when exporting controls on one machine and importing on another where GUIDs may not match.
Fixed resizing issues with the timer panel.
Changed default observer focus type to local instead of world.
Updated installer to reduce potential hangs when installing DirectX.
Fixed enter key not working with Activation UI windows.
Fixed crash when opening the Save UI if any installed aircraft were missing titles in their aircraft.cfg.
Fixed crash when originalID was missing from scenario file.
Updated generic buildings to do more accurate position calculations.
Redesigned the Custom Camera UI.
Fixed bug where sensor mode would not be cleared when removing IR post processes from views.
Post processes no longer render one additional frame after being removed.
Fixed error preventing email activations from persisting on restart.
InfoGen is now updated in panel only views.
Fix bug with rotatable landing light PBH in ISimObject vehicles.
Fixed Flight Planner UI bug with cruising altitude not automatically being calculated after a departure/destination is selected.
Fixed collision bug with avatar.
Distant vehicles are more accurately displayed.
Fixed bug where VC only views would be white when set to the starting view in a scenario.
Fixed issue preventing User Interface windows from blacking out the application on newer versions of Windows 10.
Fixed bug where Payload UI would save changes when pressing escape.
Fixed issue with attached effects that could cause them to disappear at certain viewing angles. This also affected attached dynamic lights.
Fixed turbo prop shaft torque time constant preventing errors causing incorrect net negative torque values.
Fixed crash that could occur when crashing vehicle.
Fixed issue preventing the host machine in multiplayer from correctly serializing content to client machines. This would occur when the host did not have content that connected clients had.
When multiple UI windows are open only the window accepting user input is enabled.
Improved handling of autogen extrusion object intersections including bridges.
Fixed bug which could cause night terrain textures to be incorrect for one frame in some cases.
Fixes and Improvements (Professional Plus Only)
Various updates to DISEntityTypes.xml.
Fixed potential infinite loop when two or more DIS entities were colliding.
DIS articulated parts and entity appearances are now configurable via XML file for both native objects and ISimObjects.
Fixed audio choppiness when using DIS radios and intercoms.
Fixes and Improvements
Fixed bounding issues when zooming with double click in SimDirector.
Fixed bug causing SimDirector to lock up when canceling out of the SimOperator UI.
Fixed crash that would occur when closing SimDirector when starting Prepar3D in SimDirector mode.
Fixed bug where SimDirector icons would not render with post processing disabled.
Improved tab key handling in SimDirector catalog view.
Windows in SimDirector can now be activated using the keyboard by pressing Ctrl + Tab.
Updated SimDirector course documentation.
Fixed bug where the SimDirector window title text would not display file names containing multiple periods correctly.
Added “ShowText” property to Dialog Actions.
Added clarification to goal objects to highlight that completed goals can still be failed.
Fixed bug where wingman behavior would still move AI when position freeze all was active.
The current AppVersion will now write out to fxml from SimDirector instead of the loaded scenario’s AppVersion.
Added confirmation prompt when exiting SimDirector.
The AirportLandingTrigger IDENT field now correctly validates against all airport ICAOs and is treated as a validation error instead of warning.
Fixed SimDirector bug with Zoom Mode resetting to Standard after pressing shift while in Precise mode.
Fixed bug where opening the Select Vehicle UI would cause all placed objects to disappear.
The SimDirector window position and size now persist when switching between modes.
Fixed issue with mouse look behavior for docked views in SimDirector Preview mode.
Prepar3D Content
New Content

Added six flyable C-130 aircraft as default selectable vehicles:
AC-130 ‘Spectre’
New placeable scenario objects added:
Outrider Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) vehicle
74K Aerostat lighter-than-air vehicle system and mooring platform
Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) missile
Javelin missile
Surface-to-Air Missile ground vehicle
TPQ-53 Radar System ground vehicle
Multi-Mission Launcher ground vehicle
High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) ground vehicle
Fixes and Improvements
Removed duplicate sound in AIM-120 missile.
Fixed issue that caused Jet Fighter 27 and 29 to appear as selectable vehicles.
Model and texture updates for the CH-53.
Removed broken duplicate firetruck SimObject.
Some Scaleform mission panels were missing window_size cfg entries leading to sizing errors in some cases.
Fixed missing sounds for several AI ground vehicles.
Updated CH-53 and UH-60 exterior models with more accurate crash boxes.
Updated CH-53 interior textures.
Prepar3D Scenery
Fixes and Improvements

Fixed scenery errors causing trenches to appear along Cyprus.
Fixed elevation and exclusion issues at YBUD.
Fixed elevation issues in Guam.
Added American Elm and Acacia mild winter SpeedTree variations.
Prepar3D SDK
New Features

Target frame rate can be applied to specific cameras in camera configuration files and through the PDK.
Added INetworkServices.h and IMultiplayerService.
Added TextEventDestroyed SimConnect notification for when text windows are closed.
Windows and panels can be positioned in 3D space using the PDK.
Added damage state variable to ModuleSim. Variable can be set via scenario, PDK, or SimVar and will be serialized in multiplayer. Developers can use this variable to control model appearances.
Added 3ds Max 2018 support.
Fixes and Improvements
Added PreScene pass to SDK for custom render objects.
Changed several QueryBaseObject interfaces to return void** instead of the specific version in the PDK.
Fixed build error in SimpleHelicopter PDK sample.
Updated SDK to have input stencil available for the PreVC render pass.
Stencil flag added to primitive drawing.
Added attachment SetOffsetFeet and SetOffsetRadians functions to the PDK.
Added create and destroy callbacks for effects to the PDK.
Added pylon accessibility to weapon system PDK.
Fixed crash that could occur on shutdown if execute_calculator_code was called from within panel callbacks.
Fixed light SimVar inconsistencies and added Headlight, Brake, and General Light key events.
FLOAT2 has been added as a Simprop type/property option.
Added content error report for missing models.
Improved content error reports for DLL loading errors.
Aircraft panel folders will now take priority over global gauges folders.
Fixed file path bug with SimConnect_CaptureImage.
Fixed SimConnect_OpenView to open a view with the correct camera and window title.
Corrected rotation issue when setting attachment orientation.
RUDDER POSITION SimVar now settable on GroundVehicles.
Fixed error preventing ISimObjects from signalling weapon fired events.
Fixed various camera sensor mode SimConnect functions.
Fix edge case in PDK callback list that could cause a crash on shutdown.
Added function to change the color of the AG radar scan.
Added several new SDK samples.
Add GetDeviceWindow function to IRenderingPluginService.
Fixed window focus bug when opening an observer view with SimConnect_OpenView.
Fixed issue where SimConnect data requests with the same definition ID would collide even though they were different request types.
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Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D [ENG] скачать торрент бесплатно и без регистрации
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Microsoft Flight Simulator и аддоны для него Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D [ENG] Браузер 12.37 GB
Cимуляторы Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D Professional [L] [ENG / ENG] (2017) ( Браузер 9.97 GB
Microsoft Flight Simulator и аддоны для него Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D Professional Plus [ENG] Драйвер Пак 12.13 GB
Cимуляторы Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Academic / Professional Plus [L] [ENG / ENG] (2017) ( Драйвер Пак 25.7 GB
Cимуляторы Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Academic / Professional Plus [L] [ENG / ENG] (2017) ( Драйвер Пак 26.05 GB
Cимуляторы Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Academic / Professional Plus [L] [ENG / ENG] (2020) ( Драйвер Пак 45.54 GB
Microsoft Flight Simulator и аддоны для него Lockheed Martin, Prepar3D v1.4 [ENG] Браузер 9.86 GB
Microsoft Flight Simulator и аддоны для него Lockheed Martin, Prepar3D v2.4 Professional [ENG] Браузер 10.63 GB
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