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Berlin - Leipzig-Разработчик/издатель: Aerosoft/Dovetail Games | Язык дополнения: английский и немецкий | Год выпуска: 11 августа 2016 | Совместимость: Train Simulator (лицензия и пиратка)-Если вам понравилось это дополнение, вы можете приобрести его в цифровом магазине Steam.- The Berlin-Anhalt Railway Company was responsible for building many of Berlin's railway
connections throughout the mid-19th Century. Their main railway, the Anhalt Line, ran from
Berlin to Köthen via Wittenberg and opened throughout 1840 and 1841. From Köthen, a
connection was made to the nearby Magdeburg-Leipzig railway allowing for services to Halle
and further to Leipzig. By the late 1850s, various connections were made faster with new,
more direct routes.
The Anhalt Railway was quickly established as a major long-distance route, one of the most
important in Germany. Express services were departing Berlin daily to destinations such as
Halle, Leipzig, Dresden, and even beyond Prague. By the late 1930s, as many as 33 trains a
day were on the move between Berlin and Bitterfeld before branching off to multiple
destinations. This frequency of long-distance travel was the highest of every other railway in
the country.
World War Two was harsh on the Anhalt Railway, many platform and lineside structures were
destroyed along the route and only the most essential were repaired. The line also saw some
changes in years to follow, the rise of the Berlin Wall meant services from Halle and Leipzig
were no longer allowed to enter their former terminus. This would not be rectified until
sections of the Berlin Outer Ring were completed, allowing direct connections to continue
without approaching the wall. Several compromises had to be made and service numbers
The reunification of Germany saw the Anhalt Railway lose a portion of its importance, many
services ceased following the fall of the Berlin Wall and a new stable timetable was not
introduced for some time after. Several years later and even more services stopped operating
across the line, with new high speed routes offering a faster connection.
A plan was put into place to upgrade the Anhalt Railway to 160 km/h running, with 200 km/h
a distant provision. To achieve this higher speed and increase journey times, all level crossings
were to be replaced with bridges and every station would be modernised. By 1995, the
journey time between Berlin and Leipzig was only at 100 minutes, but with further
modernisation was expected to be under an hour in years to come. Just over a decade later
and a majority of the Berlin to Leipzig route was 200 km/h ready. Further upgrades to allow
this included the restoration of the old Anhalt route in Berlin, connecting to the new main
station for the city and just outside Bitterfeld, the longest set of points in the world were
installed; safe for up to 220 km/h operation featuring 59 metre-long point blades weighing in
at 120 tons each.
With higher speed allowances, ICE services began to operate between Berlin and Leipzig at
journey times of around 1 hour and 10 minutes (non-stop services could travel the gap
between the two cities in as little as 57 minutes). The upgrades were a success and ICE
passenger numbers alone soared upwards, with regional services also adding to the increasing
popularity of the line.
Some reconstruction has taken place in recent years, old metal 'Y-shaped' sleepers from the
days of slower running were suffering from rust and needed to be replaced. Speed limits
drastically dropped during the period of repairs, and following the initial issue the line speed is
currently no higher than 160 km/h, with 200 planned to be re-introduced in 2017. Future
projects along the line will see signal boxes replaced by larger signaling centres, with the old
structures likely to see demolition after they have lived through their purpose.
Undoubtedly, the line owes its important heritage to the fact that it terminates in the world's
largest railway station by floor area, Leipzig Hbf. This goliath-like transport hub ensured that
many passengers would want to travel to Leipzig either as a destination or as a waypoint
along their journeys.
With high speed operations, both express and stopping, serving one of the most important
lines in Germany's railway history, the line between Berlin and Leipzig is unlike any other.
Ключевые особенности
• 195km twin-track, electrified main line from Berlin Central Station (low level) to Leipzig
Main Station
• Includes the Berlin Brandenburg Airport branch line
• 18km S-Bahn line including rolling stock from TTB for AI use only
• 46 detailed stations / stops
• Depot at Wittenberg with extensive shunting possibilities, diesel depot, coal bunker and
water crane
• Yard Grossbeeren with several connections for shunting scenarios and container loading
• Detailed Ks-signalling system
• Including PZB (500/1000/2000Hz magnets) by virtual Railroads
• LZB from Railtraction.eu
• Mileposts every 200m
• Superelevation
• Custom 3D vegetation
• Detailed and animated night effects
• Tram in Leipzig including rolling stock for AI traffic
• Rolling stock IC and double-decker coach RE160 with matrix display
• Nine challenging career scenarios for the route
• Quick Drive compatible
The Berlin - Leipzig Route Add-on includes nine challenging career scenarios for the route:
• Autumn Leaves
• Night Flight
• S-Bahn to Bitterfeld
• S-Bahn to Leipzig
• From Elster to Elbe
• From Elbe to Elster
• Empty train to Leipzig
• RB to Schönefeld
• RB from Schoenefeld-


-Mighty Seddin Freight
Подробное описаниеРазработчик/издатель: Aerosoft/Dovetail Games | Язык дополнения: английский и немецкий | Год выпуска: 13 июля 2017 | Совместимость: Train Simulator (лицензия и пиратка)-Если вам понравилось это дополнение, вы можете приобрести его в цифровом магазине Steam.- The freight yard at Seddin opened in 1920, and was quickly established as an international
hub for rail freight. It connected with various lines, including the Anhalt Railway and the
Berlin-Blankenheim Railway and provided links to many locations. Seddin's Freight Yard played
a significant role in military movements, in both leading up to and during the Second World
War. Seddin was a major target for Allied forces during those 6 fatal years, in fact, the yard
was bombed directly in April 1945.
Following the Second World War, with the division of Germany, new railways were built
throughout the outskirts of Berlin to ensure rail connections were maintained to the western
side of the cleft-in-twain city. These new railways were the Berlin Outer Freight Ring and,
simply, the Berlin Outer Ring; Seddin's freight yard was adjoined to the former, as its high-
profile movements and service capabilities needed to have unrestricted access.
The yard itself spans a 5km by 300m area, housing some 100km of track. All this trackage is
sandwiched within a dense forest, with the town of Seddin immediately adjacent to the
eastern face of the yard.
The town's local DB Regio station is on the western front of the vast track layout, seeing
hourly services formed of DB BR 442 'Talent 2's.
Perhaps the most iconic landmark in the area was the grand octagonal Water Tower, this
impressive 51 metre tall structure symbolised the area, and was in fact marked as a Grade II
listed building in 1993. Unfortunately however, it was decided to demolish the tower in 2004
due to a lack of stability. One historic structure that has survived right into modern day is an
old coal loading bridge, as part of the locomotive depot, and is protected as a monument. The
locomotive depot itself is also present and in frequent use with DB traction coming and going
on a daily basis.
Even to this day, the freight yard at Seddin is of high importance, serving beyond the German
borders into places such as Russia and helping Germany move one day at a time. Marshal
your freight and hauling it over the Berlin-Leipzig line in Aerosoft's Mighty Seddin Freight!
Ключевые особенности
• 40km Extension for the Berlin Leipzig Route Add-On.
• Adds the extensive DB freight operations to the already bustling passenger services of the
• Includes the entire Seddin Rail freight yard and updates the route's eastern section to the
south of Ludwigsfelde through Genshagener Heide, Cramerkurve and Birkengrund.
• Includes the route from Genshagener Heide to the old Airport Berlin-Schönefeld station, an
additional starting point for freight and passenger trains (different from the Airport Berlin-
Brandenburg-International station). The Berlin-Schönefeld Airport area and the new Berlin
Brandenburg International Airport is outlined with large buildings, rotating radar, lighted
taxiways and runway, and approaching and departing aircraft.
• Six additional stations show the atmosphere of four different eras of German railroad
history. The area between Berlin-Schönefeld and Seddin has a historical bandwidth of
around 100 years. Discover old buildings, lamps, bridges beside modern ones.
• See at night thousands of different lights beside roads and tracks and feel the ambience.
• Extensive rework of the HL signalling used for the freight yards.
• Includes the iconic Pro Range standard DB BR 232 in DB VRot and Railion liveries.
• Six Challenging Career Scenarios.
• Quick Drive compatible.
Ключевые особенности DB BR 232 с продвинутым управлением
• Available in DB Verkehrsrot and Railion liveries
• Equipped with SiFa86 (Zeit-Zeit Aufforderungssifa)
• PZ80R System PZB90
• Accurate and prototypical operating and driving characteristics
• Accurate and authentic sounds representing the iconic DB BR 232
• Monitoring functions for traction motors and power
• Overload Protection
• Distance adjustable headlights
• Automatic and manual cooler fan control
• Switchable and coupled electric brake
• Switchable electrical train heating
• Switchable cab lighting
The route includes six challenging career scenarios:
• Standby Duty
• Standby Duty (part 2)
• Container to Mockau
• Oil for the Capital Berlin
• Gravel from Teltow
• Storm Front passing Brandenburg-Обратите внимание: расширение устанавливается поверх маршрута Berlin - Leipzig.-


-Примечание: Для корректной работы маршрута требуется установить игровые ресурсы, скачать которые можно здесь.-Как установить:

Train Simulator

Запустите приложение Utilities, расположенное в папке игрой. Далее перейдите на вкладку "Менеджер пакетов (Package Manager)", нажмите кнопку "Обновить (Refresh)", после чего появится окно, разделённое на две части.
Дополнение (только в формате RWP) устанавливается путём его перетаскивания на левую часть окна (таким образом можно установить сразу несколько дополнений). Или же можно нажать на кнопку "Установить (Install)" и указать путь к дополнению.
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