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Corris Railway-Разработчик/издатель: Skyhook Games/Dovetail Games | Язык дополнения: английский | Год выпуска: 26 июля 2016 | Совместимость: Train Simulator (только пиратка)-Если вам понравилось это дополнение, вы можете приобрести его в цифровом магазине Steam.- The wonderful world of Welsh narrow gauge comes to life in Train Simulator with the recently
re-opened Corris Railway. With passenger services long gone and mineral freight in decline, it
became less worthwhile for the Great Western Railway to combat the eroding force of the
River Dovey (Afor Dyfi). Once the line closed under the guise of British Railways, it was
thought to have been gone for good especially when the track was lifted in 1949 and the
Talyllyn Railway, the world's first preserved railway, bought the old Corris locomotives and
rolling stock for their own purposes. This was however, not the end for narrow gauge in the
Dulas Valley.
The hopeful return of the Corris Railway began in 1966 when Alan Meaden and his dedicated
group of enthusiasts, many of which were already volunteers on the Talyllyn themselves, set
out to form the Corris Railway Society. Their initial aim was to preserve what little remained
of the line and open a museum solely for the history of the Corris Railway. They set the goal of
rebuilding some, or maybe even all, of the railway that was lost following the closure. All of
this would prove to be a serious challenge as the only rails that existed did not belong to the
Corris Railway, instead they were some of the once-many various quarry branches and not
very useful at the time. The Corris Railway Society had to preserve what no longer existed.
Due to the incredibly dire condition of what remained where the Corris Railway once
dominated, it was to be several decades before it would become what it is today. It was not
until 1970 that the first portion of a building outside Corris Station could be used for the new
Railway Museum, and a very short section of track was laid the following year for
demonstration purposes.
As part of a lengthy process to reinstate passenger services across the yet-to-be-recompleted
railway, the original Corris Railway Company naming was brought back to life and the Corris
Railway Society gained charitable status to aid in their funding and equipment procurement
throughout the 1970s. During this time even more of the Museum was opened following
further building restoration.
The 1980s would be the year when the Dulas Valley trackbeds saw rails once again. Starting
at the Maespoeth locomotive shed – the eventual base for the entire line which was acquired
in 1981 – track was laid northwards to Corris station, which came out to around a distance of
just under 1 mile. A non-passenger run occurred in 1985 for test purposes and the railway
was further upgraded, and buildings were consistently renovated, to allow for passenger
operations in the future.
After what must have felt like endless years of restorations and donations, the first passenger
services were officially introduced onto the preserved Corris Railway in the summer of 2002,
some 72 years after the original services terminated for good. To begin with, passengers were
hauled along the Corris Railway by a narrow gauge diesel locomotive. However, a new steam
loco was built by the Corris Railway Society which entered service as No.7 on 20th August
2005, exactly 57 years since the line saw its final service.
With regular operations being steady for the past decade, the Corris Railway is looking to be
extended beyond Maespoeth down towards Machynlleth. The first stage of this planned
extension would end at Tan-y-Coed, which is about 2.5 miles from Corris Station. Preliminary
work for this southerly extension began in 2015, however negotiations with the local
authorities is essential. This is due to the potential line south of Maespoeth sitting
immediately adjacent to the A487.
Whether the full extension of the Corris Railway will come to fruition or not, the fact that such
a niche railway had the backing required to be preserved as it is today stands as an
outstanding display of the passion behind UK's once-lost railways. Thanks to Alan Meaden,
we can enjoy the soul of the Corris Railway as it once was, despite history taking its toll on
the stunning narrow gauge line; and thanks to Skyhook Games that experience will reach a
different level as the uniquely historic Corris Railway is coming to Train Simulator.
The Corris Railway for Train Simulator features the modern-day preserved line from Corris to
Maespoeth plus the proposed extension down to Tan-y-Coed. Also included is the Tattoo
Locomotive No. 7 with a selection of rolling stock for both passenger and freight duties
(including the special gravity wagons for downhill runs). A selection of Career scenarios will
be included depicting a number of services, even featuring the day that No. 7 was delivered to
the railway.
Ключевые особенности
• Complete narrow gauge route between Corris to Maespoeth
• Includes the proposed extension to Tan-y-Coed
• Tattoo Locomotive No. 7
• Selection of appropriate and authentic rolling stock for passenger and freight duty
• Unique gravity wagons for free rolling
• Eight challenging career scenarios for the route
• Quick Drive compatible
The Corris Railway Route Add-on includes eight challenging career scenarios for the route:
• Unloading No.7
• First Run of The Day
• Finishing Off
• A Special Day (Part 1)
• A Special Day (Part 2)
• 15:00 Corris to Tan-y-Coed
• Santa Special
• The Gravity Run-


-Corris Railway Expansion Pack

Подробное описание

Разработчик/издатель: Skyhook Games/Dovetail Games | Язык дополнения: английский | Год выпуска: 6 декабря 2017 | Совместимость: Train Simulator (только пиратка)-Если вам понравилось это дополнение, вы можете приобрести его в цифровом магазине Steam.- Experience industrial narrow gauge along the Corris Railway with this expansion pack for Train
Simulator, featuring No. 5 'Alan Meaden' and No. 9 'Aberllefenni'. Explore the mountains of
North Wales with these beautiful locos along a route that survives thanks to the dedicated
efforts of rail enthusiasts!
The Corris Railway was a small freight line used for moving minerals that closed in 1949. In
1966 Alan Meaden started a group of volunteers to preserve what remained of the Corris
Railway. Two of the original locomotives from the Corris Railway survive to this day, No. 3 &
No. 4, which are now at home on the Talyllyn Railway. The locomotives in use today are either
from other railways or new builds.
Locomotive No.5 is a 4-wheel Motor Rail Simplex, Works No.22258 that was purchased in
1974. Built in 1965, it was originally used on the 2 ft (610mm) gauge gypsum mining system
at Staveley Lime Products, Hindlow, Derbyshire. It was initially purchased from Staveley by an
enthusiast who stripped it down for renovation and was in this dismantled state that it was
sold to the Corris Society.
Following an extensive overhaul in the East Midlands, No.5 ran for the first time on Corris rails
in 1979. It is named 'Alan Meaden' in honour of the Society's late founder, who carried out a
substantial part of the loco's rebuilding.
The Corris Society sought a light locomotive to assist in rebuilding the railway, and it has since
proven itself to be a very useful general works loco. Although it has on occasion been used for
special passenger trains when visiting Talyllyn Railway, it is too light for regular passenger use,
and has not been fitted with the necessary air braking equipment.
No.9 is a 4-wheel battery electric locomotive, Clayton B0457, built in 1974. It was formerly in
use at the Aberllefenni Slate Quarry by Wincilate Limited. At the request of Wincilate, the
locomotive carries the name 'Aberllefenni'. It has regular use as a carriage shed shunter, but
is too light for actual passenger carriage work as like No.5 it does not have air brakes fitted.
Experience a piece of Welsh narrow gauge history and master bespoke locomotives with the
Corris Railway Expansion Pack!
Ключевые особенности
• No. 5 'Alan Meaden'
- Working Clutch and Gear controls in line with the real locomotive
- Starting handle for use when the locomotive is stalled
• No. 9 'Aberllefenni'
- Accurate Battery Simulation
- Accurate driving physics with power system
• Bentley Wagons
• Flatbed wagons with multiple loads
• Tipper wagons
• Quick Drive compatible
• Scenarios for the Corris Railway Route
Five challenging Scenarios for the Corris Railway Route:
• Corris 5 Introduction
• Corris 9 Introduction
• Maesopath Shunt
• Two Part Delivery
• Preparing for Work-


-Как установить:

Train Simulator

Запустите приложение Utilities, расположенное в папке игрой. Далее перейдите на вкладку "Менеджер пакетов (Package Manager)", нажмите кнопку "Обновить (Refresh)", после чего появится окно, разделённое на две части.
Дополнение (только в формате RWP) устанавливается путём его перетаскивания на левую часть окна (таким образом можно установить сразу несколько дополнений). Или же можно нажать на кнопку "Установить (Install)" и указать путь к дополнению.
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