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Western Pacific FP7 'California Zephyr'-Разработчик/издатель: Dovetail Games | Язык дополнения: английский, французский и немецкий | Год выпуска: 10 июня 2016 | Совместимость: Train Simulator (только пиратка)-Если вам понравилось это дополнение, вы можете приобрести его в цифровом магазине Steam.- The California Zephyr made its first run in 1949 and was the ultimate expression of America's
post-World War II 'streamliner era.' On a journey of 2,532 route-miles, the streamliner
crossed the American west between Chicago and San Francisco's Bay Area. Nicknamed the
'Silver Lady,' the luxurious train carried travellers, riding in dome cars and comfortable
sleepers, across the plains of America's Heartland on the Burlington Route, through the Rocky
Mountains on the Rio Grande, and over the Sierra Nevada via Western Pacific's Feather River
Canyon rails.
The Budd Company built the California Zephyr's passenger equipment. Eight car types would
eventually become standard on the train, and each is included in this DLC: a streamlined
baggage car; vista-dome coach; vista-dome buffet-lounge-dormitory car; 10-roomette, 6-
bedroom sleeper; 48-seat diner; standard coach (converted from 16-section sleeper); 5-
compartment, 6-double bedroom sleeper; and the train's signature vista-dome bedroom-
lounge-observation. All the California Zephyr cars were individually named with the prefix
'Silver' and each lived up to that shimmering image, being constructed of fluted stainless
Western Pacific powered its leg of the California Zephyr with EMD F-units, and beginning
in 1950, FP7s became the standard lead units for the California Zephyr on the WP. Train
Simulator's FP7 California Zephyr set includes Western Pacific FP7 and F7B units for use on
the Feather River Canyon route, and also included are Rio Grande EMD F9A and F9B diesels
which served as regular power for the streamliner on the D&RGW.
The 'Silver Lady' made its last transcontinental run in March 1970, but even then its tradition
carried on, as Rio Grande elected to continue (through 1983) the Denver-Salt Lake City leg of
the train's schedule, with the streamliner renamed the 'Rio Grande Zephyr.' The new Train
Simulator DLC includes passenger equipment both with and without California Zephyr
markings, so that both California Zephyr and Rio Grande Zephyr consists can be created.
Ключевые особенности
The California Zephyr complete streamlined consist, including:
• Streamlined Baggage Car
• Vista-Dome Coach
• Vista-Dome Buffet-Lounge-Dormitory Car
• 10-Roomette, 6-Bedroom Sleeper
• 48-Seat Diner
• Standard Coach
• 5-Compartment, 6-Double Bedroom Sleeper
• Vista-Dome Bedroom-Lounge-Observation
• Cars suitable for authentic California Zephyr and Rio Grande Zephyr services
• Western Pacific EMD FP7 cab diesel and F7B booster in WP Passenger livery
• Rio Grande EMD F9A and F9B units in D&RGW single-stripe 'Aspen Gold' livery
• Challenging career scenarios for the Feather River Canyon and Solider Summit routes
• Quick Drive compatible
The FP7 California Zephyr DLC includes three career scenario for the Western Pacific Feather River Canyon route:
• Train 17 Westbound
• Train 18 Eastbound - Part 1
• Train 18 Eastbound - Part 2
The FP7 California Zephyr DLC also includes two bonus career scenarios for the Soldier Summit route:
• Rio Grande Zephyr Part 1
• Rio Grande Zephyr Part 2-


-Как установить:

Train Simulator

Запустите приложение Utilities, расположенное в папке игрой. Далее перейдите на вкладку "Менеджер пакетов (Package Manager)", нажмите кнопку "Обновить (Refresh)", после чего появится окно, разделённое на две части.
Дополнение (только в формате RWP) устанавливается путём его перетаскивания на левую часть окна (таким образом можно установить сразу несколько дополнений). Или же можно нажать на кнопку "Установить (Install)" и указать путь к дополнению.
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