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Wherry Lines: Norwich – Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft-Разработчик/издатель: Armstrong Powerhouse/Dovetail Games | Язык дополнения: английский | Год выпуска: 27 октября 2016 | Совместимость: Train Simulator (лицензия и пиратка)-Если вам понравилось это дополнение, вы можете приобрести его в цифровом магазине Steam.- Opening in 1844, the Norwich to Great Yarmouth railway, via Reedham, was the first railway
to be seen in Norfolk. Three years later, the branch from Reedham to Lowestoft followed and
it wasn't until 1883 that the final piece of the jigsaw fell into place with the construction of
the alternative route via Acle to Great Yarmouth.
Until 1923, this railway was operated by the Great Eastern Railway company and it was their
fear of a competitor attempting to reach Great Yarmouth which resulted in the construction of
the later route via Acle. The name of the line, Wherry Lines, originates from the Norfolk
wherries which were once important in transporting goods and people around the broads
before roads and railways became widespread.
Fast forward to the 1980s and the 'Yarmouth' route was thriving with summer services from
all parts of the country, such as London, Liverpool, Manchester & Newcastle (the Lowestoft
branch never attracted as much traffic so will be kept to the side for the time being). Come
the early 1990s however, cheap package holidays abroad were starting to take hold and the
demand to visit Yarmouth as a holiday destination steadily dropped. As a result, these direct
services were gradually reduced and by the time of privatisation in 1996, only the London
trains and a couple of services from Liverpool Lime Street remained. By 2004, the Liverpool
trains were withdrawn, resulting in Yarmouth only being served directly from London &
As loco-hauled services progressively disappeared around the country, these London trains
held strong and, as a result, started to attract quite a following from enthusiasts. With the
electric hauled set from London being dragged from Norwich to Great Yarmouth by a Class
47, a run round procedure was required at Yarmouth to haul the set back to Norwich –
something quite rare to witness by the end of the 2000s. This continued until 2014 and
remained a popular day out for enthusiasts but, come early 2015, Class 47s were being
withdrawn by DRS in favour of Class 37s. These locos were unable to haul the 8 or 9 coach
sets from London due to having an insufficient 'ETH index' (the amount of electricity that can
be supplied for on-train systems such as air conditioning and heating), so as a result, direct
services from London were withdrawn and, after many decades, Yarmouth has been left with
no direct services beyond Norwich. This might all sound rather gloomy but a new era was
arriving on the 'Wherry Lines' and enthusiasts were in for a right treat.
So far, only direct services to Yarmouth from far off places have been mentioned but local
services from Norwich to Yarmouth & Lowestoft have also offered plenty of interest in recent
years. From the late 1950s, diesel multiple units (DMUs) replaced steam-hauled local services
and this largely remained the case until the early 1990s. Since then, Norwich Crown Point
depot has intermittently had shortages of DMUs so to combat this, they cobbled together a
set of 3 of 4 coaches, plus a locomotive, to cover. Usually the locomotive in question would
be a Class 47 but in the early years, it wasn't unknown for a Class 31 or 37 to do the honours.
This loco-hauled train soon became known as the 'short set' due to its short appearance in
comparison to the London trains, though in later years, it has had a second locomotive added
to facilitate top and tail operation, which removes the requirement to run round. This
arrangement continued until April 2014, but with the Mk3 coaches undergoing refurbishment
and experiencing lower availability as a result, Mk2 coaches were provided instead from DRS,
who had already been supplying Class 47 locomotives for the set since 2009. As mentioned
previously though, with increasing reliability issues, the Class 47s were falling out of favour
and by June 2015, Class 37s had arrived to operate the short set. No longer on an ad-hoc
basis depending on DMU availability but scheduled workings from Monday to Friday and extra
Saturday services during the summer.
As of early 2016, this route is somewhat of a time warp with semaphore signalling and
manual level crossings surviving for most of its length. With the addition of Class 37 hauled
passenger services, it is a treasure trove for enthusiasts and oozes the character of
yesteryear: one of the last places to truly experience the railway as it was. Whilst a date for
re-signalling has yet to be set in stone, it is only a matter of time, so this add-on is Armstrong
Powerhouse's tribute to the line that time forgot. Enjoy it and, if you can, make sure to visit as
soon as possible to see it for yourself.
Ключевые особенности
• 44.1 miles from Norwich to Great Yarmouth (via Acle & Reedham) & Lowestoft
• 20 scenarios based on the real timetable which both class 37 and 170 workings.
• 28 custom made semaphore signals with sound and accurate, absolute block simulation
• Smooth looking cutting and embankment sides, rich in vegetation
• Jointed and continuous welded track in the correct places as of 2007
• New and ultra-realistic fair weather cloud textures
• Ambient sounds recorded on location in Norfolk
• Detailed new sounds recorded from 37674 at the Wensleydale Railway
• Accurate acceleration physics as well as functioning wheel slip protection
• Dynamic exhaust which reacts in time with the sounds
• Quick Drive compatible
Локомотивы/подвижной состав
• BR Class 37/4 in Unbranded Livery
• BR Class 170 in Unbranded Livery
• BR Mk2f TSO & BSO Coaches
The Wherry Lines: Norwich – Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft Route Add-on includes twenty
• 2G01 – 11:25 Norwich – Great Yarmouth
• 2G03 – 12:14 Great Yarmouth – Lowestoft
• 2G02 – 14:12 Lowestoft – Norwich
• 5J67 – 06:40 Norwich Crown Point – Lowestoft
• 2J67 – 07:47 Lowestoft – Norwich
• 2P13 – 09:17 Great Yarmouth – Norwich
• 2P18 – 10:36 Norwich – Great Yarmouth
• 2J80 – 14:55 Norwich – Lowestoft
• 2J83 – 15:48 Lowestoft – Norwich
• 2P33 – 18:17 Great Yarmouth – Norwich
• 2J88 – 19:00 Norwich – Lowestoft
• 2J91 – 19:55 Lowestoft – Norwich
• 2C50 – 09:06 Norwich – Great Yarmouth
• 2C55 – 11:14 Great Yarmouth – Norwich
• 2C62 – 14:18 Norwich – Great Yarmouth
• 2C00 – 05:06 Norwich – Great Yarmouth
• 2P11 – 08:45 Great Yarmouth – Norwich
• 2J70 – 10:05 Norwich – Lowestoft
• 2C23 – 15:17 Great Yarmouth – Norwich
• 2J93 – 20:57 Lowestoft – Norwich-


-Примечание: Для корректной работы маршрута требуется установить игровые ресурсы, скачать которые можно здесь.-Как установить:

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Дополнение (только в формате RWP) устанавливается путём его перетаскивания на левую часть окна (таким образом можно установить сразу несколько дополнений). Или же можно нажать на кнопку "Установить (Install)" и указать путь к дополнению.
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