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Dokapon Kingdom
Год выпуска: 2008
Жанр: Board game/Party Game/Jrpg
Разработчик: Sting
Издательство: Atlus
Платформа: PS2
Регион: NTSC
Носитель: DVD5
Возраст: 3+
Язык интерфейса: ENG
Мультиплейер: 4x
В королевстве Докапон все любят деньги.
На этой мирной земле неожиданно появились монстры и начали нападать на деревни.
Люди ввергнуты в бездну бедности и король перестал получать налоги.
Так король принял решение -- собрать всех героев, чтобы освободить землю от монстров.
Приз -- принцесса и наследование трона!
Так путешествие, замешанное на предательстве и деньгах, началось!
Dokapon Kingdom рассчитана на нескольких игроков. Три товарища вступают в битву с кровожадными монстрами в попытке очистить родину от свалившейся на голову напасти. Наградой за заслуги перед отечеством станет королевский трон и рука принцессы Пенни. Но проблема в том, что друзей трое, а принцесса одна. И достанется она только самому умному, хитрому и смелому. Внутреннее противостояние будет становиться все сильнее и сильнее и к концу достигнет своего пика. Постоянные уловки, ловушки, ограбления и дезинформация накалят обстановку до предела. Лишь тот, кто пройдет через все это, окажется на коне.


Data_Hunter's Guide to Dokapon Kingdom for the Nintendo Wii
Version 1.0
If you have any questions, comments, or more tips on this game, you can
contact me at the web address below.
[email protected]
You must head the message based on this game for me to reply!
To get to certain sections of the guide, highlight the section you want
to go, copy it, press CTRL and F at the same time, press paste and
click next.
I. Contents
II. Version History
III. Introduction
IV. Characters
V. Controls
VI. Mode Select
VII. Rare Encounters
VIII. Walkthrough
Prologue: The Kingdom in Distress! The Rush to Dokapon Kingdom!
Chapter 1: Help the Little Guy! A Cure for Cash!
Chapter 2: The Case of the Demon Prince and the Missing Piggy Bank
Chapter 3: Special Delivery - A Shopping Brawl!
Chapter 4: Return of the Demon Prince and the Kidnaped Princess.
Chapter 5: The Royal Ring has been Stolen! Who's the Culprit?!
Chapter 6: The Ancient Artifact Debt of the Ancestors.
Chapter 7: Overlord Rico. Can you buy victory?
Final Chapter: The Final Battle! See you in Heck, kids!
IX. Credits
X. Legal Notice
II. Version History
November 13, 2008
8:45 PM to 9:30 PM
Finished the Introduction and Characters Section.
9:30 PM to 10:05 PM
Finished the Controls Section.
10:06 PM to 10:22 PM
Finished the Modes Section.
10:23 PM to 11:25 PM
Worked on the Walkthrough.
November 14, 2008
6:33 PM to 8:13 PM
Continued on the Walkthrough and added the Rare Encounters section. Finished
Chapter 1.
8:14 PM to 10:28 PM
Finished Chapter 2.
November 15, 2008
3:00 PM to 5:31 PM
Finished Chapter 3.
5:32 PM to 8:05 PM
Finished Chapter 4
8:06 PM to 10:15 PM
Finished Chapter 5
10:16 PM to November 16, 2008 at 12:26 AM
Finished Chapter 6
12:27 AM to 12:56 AM
Ending Session for the guide. Resume after daybreak
November 16, 2008
1:07 PM to 9:05 PM
Resumed working on the walkthrough. Finished Chapter 7.
9:06 PM to 11:48 PM
Ending Session for the Guide. Resume after daybreak.
November 17, 2008
3:15 PM to 4:42 PM
Completed the Story Mode Walkthrough.
III. Introduction
Here we are back again and in for another installment of my ever growing
collection of guides for the free world to see! This time were all heading
for the happy-go-lucky world of Dokapon Kingdom!
Now, I first played this game on November 1 and it was weird at first. I
thought it
was going to be for kids but, I managed to get a kick out of this game! It's
a fun and a hilarious game in it's own right. It will make you laugh and at
sometimes makes you scared of your life! Never the less, this game is not
your average party game! So tie your laces to your boot straps, folks! It's
time to enter the colorful world of the Kingdom of Dokapon.
IV. Characters
The King of Dokapon:
He's the King Midas of the game. The game's answer to Disney's Scrooge
He loves money more than anything else. He has money on the brain! Of
course, he's not the guy with the golden touch. He will pretty much give you
the low down on what goes on in the kingdom. I'll tell you more about him as
we progress into the game.
Princess Penny:
Like father, like daughter. She likes money just like her father! But what
really is
surprising is that she looks too much like Penny from Inspector Gadget! And
she owns
a dog named Cash? I sense the irony of this game already! But, truthfully
she's a sweet girl.
You have been summoned by the king to help save the kingdom and get the
flowing again. Where's a economic plan when you need it!? (Hey, it matched
real live scenario. So what, sue me!)
V. Controls
You have three different types of controls to choose from when playing this
You can use:
The Nintendo Gamecube Controller
The Nintnedo Wii Remote
The Nintendo Classic Controller
But here's another interesting fact. You and up to three other players can
use the same controller. But who wants to share, eh?
This information is based from the Instructions manual of the game.
Nintendo Wii Remote:
Control Pad: Move the Cursor and the Character.
Up Control Pad: Use offensive Magic and Defensive Magic during battle.
Left Control Pad: Strike and Counter during battle/ Rock option in Roshambo.
Down Control Pad: Skill and Give up during battle/ Scissors option in
Right Control Pad: Attack and Defend during battle/ Paper option in
A button: View Shortcut and Help menu.
B button: Bag Shortcut and Display World Map before and after the spin.
2 button: Make a selection/Stop the Spinner/Confirm Message/ Show available
Speed up the cursor during view/Show Predictions.
1 button: Cancel/Movement Shortcut/Data (After Spin)/Show information in
+ button: Data Shortcut/Flip page/Switch between opponents.
- button: Flip page/Switch between opponents.
The Gamecube and the Classic Controller has some of the same functions as
Wii Remote but with a few changes First of all the C Stick and the Analog
Stick are not operational.
A button: Make a selection/Stop the Spinner/Confirm Message/ Show available
moves/Speed up the cursor during view/Show Predictions.
B button: Cancel/ Movement shortcut/ Skill and Give up/Scissors
X button: Bag Shortcut and Display World Map before and after the spin.
Y button: View Shortcut and Help menu.
L button on the Classic Controller/R button on the Gamecube Controller:
Data Shortcut/Flip page/Switch between opponents.
R button on the Classic Controller/L button on the Gamecube Controller:
Flip page/Switch between opponents.
+ button on the Classic Controller/Start button on the Gamecube controller:
Display World Map before and after the spin.
V. Mode Select
There are three modes you can play in this game. You have:
Normal Mode
Battle Royale (which gives you three different modes of the game)
Story Mode
In Normal Mode, you can choose the number of weeks you want to play in. You
can play from a week to as many years as you want! That's 999 weeks! At the
end of each weeks, you will be ranked on how much you have based on towns
and how much gold you have.
In the Battle Royale, you have three modes to choose from. In a town race,
the first
person to slay the monster in the randomly selected town wins the game!
Simple, huh?
The Kill race is a mode where you have to defeat the other players a certain
number of times. Under these circumstances, if you come across them, you can
not surrender!
The Shopping Race sends you on a scavenger hunt that you must find other
items and bring them back to the King when as requested. You must have all
of the items in order for you to win.
The Story mode is where the core of the game starts. To be simply bunt, all
you have to do is to have the most cash and you get the princess hand in
marriage and the throne to the kingdom! Sounds pretty sweet to me! For the
time being, this guide will cover only the Story mode.
VII. Rare Encounters
These are also called Character Events and the chances of you coming across
on are very rare! Normally, you have a 5 percent chance of that happening to
you and when it does, who knows what will happen. That's how random this
kingdom is!
Abducted by a UFO: After one turn, you appear on the screen again and they
either increase your stats or take them away.
Beggar Man: If you come across him, he'll ask you for some money. If you
give him what he needs, it turns out to be the Goddess of Generosity in
disguise! (This is a total rip off on how Disney's Beauty and the Beast
started out!) She'll give you one random item and disappears once more.
Should you refuse, well let's just say that the end result isn't going to
Doctor Exiles: This so called doctor will decide if he wants to heal you or
not. In the end he'll charge you a huge fee for his services. But if your in
the red and you cross him again, he WILL kill you if you don't pay him!
Roche: A boy in a pink bear outfit that will challenge you to Rochambo.
Should you lose he gets all of the money that you have. If you win you get
Risque The Bandit: A hired thief who's ratio of taking one players items is
50/50. If you're the only player on the field, you're a sitting duck!
Mitch Digger: A mole who has a thing for hot springs. If you're successful
he'll place one in one random town.
Kira the Merchant: A wondering nomad that sells rare items should you come
across her.
Robo~Agent: The metal assassin. This robot will search and destroy anyone
who pays it for one whole week! However, if you have enough money by the
time you
cross him, it will spare your life if you pay him twice the amount the other
payed it previously.
Leane the Village Girl: A timid girl who asks you to do certain favors to
deliver items to certain towns.
Weber the Trickster: A devious dual colored man that gives people nasty
gifts you can use on the other player.
Gutz the Blacksmith: A famous wondering blacksmith that will make a weapon
for you on the spot if you pay him.
Musashi the Tax Collector: A Stork that will collect from all the cities and
castles you own. Of course, he seems to take more of his share of the
VIII. Walkthrough
Now we can get started on the heart of the matter! The entire world in
Dokapon has 7 continents for you to travel. But you can't reach it yet. You
have to make your character first! As you start, meet that cute little fairy
called Angelo. She will be with you during the game. So go ahead and make
your character. I'll wait... Oh one more thing! You can also create your
opponents if you're playing by your self.
Note: Please note that for every chapter may have different events happening
at random.
You may not have some of the same events as I do while I'm typing and
playing this game with you. When the time comes refer to the guide to help
you out.
The story starts with a normal peaceful day in the kingdom... that is until
terror strikes and monsters pop up all over towns! The call as been sent
out. Will you be one to answer his call? I know that you are rearing to go
but there's a trial you have to go through first.
You have two weeks to reach the castle first one to get there will get
points! Points? Why only points? I'll tell you why. They are necessary for
you to get stronger in the journey ahead.
Prologue: The Kingdom in Distress! The Rush to Dokapon Kingdom!
Now here's how it works, you move by using a spinner and you press A to stop
it from spinning. What ever number it lands on, you have to move to that
amount. No excuses! However, that won't be the only way you can travel. By
gaining certain items, you can move with or with out the spinner! But for
now trust in the spinner and it will guide you to where ever you want to go.
Take time out to look at the spaces ahead of you. Press the X or A button,
depending on your method of control, and take a look around. The green
spaces with the yellow bag gives you basic items in a spinner form as well.
Time it right to get the items that you need. The yellow chest is the Money
Space. Land on it to get a certain amount using a spinner. The Shield Space
gives you your shield where you need it the most. A Weapon Space will give
you a weapon, depending on you class using the spinner as well. If you land
on a space with a book, that's the Magic Space. You can gain magic to use
outside of battle but if you are a mage, once you get that spell it stays on
you forever! A Battle Magic space will give you a ability to help you in
battle. Keep in mind that you can only have 1 ability at a time. If you want
to learn a new one, you have to give one up!
Now if you come across a path that has arrows flowing in one direction, then
you can only move in that direction. If you ever land on a empty yellow
space, two things will happen. Either you will go into battle or you will
come across an encounter. You will more likely battle someone, so let me
show you how it works. First, select a card. This depends on who goes first.
If you get lucky and go first, now you get to choose to either perform a
simple attack, charge up your attack power or perform a critical strike.
WARNING! WARNING! Be very careful not to choose Strike often! If you do
choose that move and the enemy counters, you will be killed and won't appear
on the field for 3 turns if you don't have a Revival or a Deathblow Item.
Just a little something to let you know. But here's a another piece of
advice. If you happen to knock out the opposition, you can choose three
options. You can steal their equipment, their cash, their items, or execute
the "Ultimate Shame"! You can draw on their face Jigglypuff style or change
their name to Poo for all I care! If none of you take each other out, then
it results in a draw and will continue until your or their next turn.
Chapter 1: Help the Little Guy! A Cure for Cash!
Now that you have gotten on the actual field of play, there's a lot of
places for you to explore. However, you can't gain access to those areas due
to the fact that there are guards blocking the bridge. The towns in
Tiphrates, Moriah, Bukhan, Xishan, Uvs Nuur, Jurong, Sumida, Ussuri, Urai,
and Volga all have monsters plaguing the towns. Now here's one of the best
parts of this game. If you manage to defeat the monster in this town, the
townspeople will be so thrilled, that they will give you the key to the
city, thus owning it! However should Fate have other things in store for you
and you lose the boss, then it can choose to do all the bad things your
opponents does, even take away a town! When you own a town, you can invest
in it, tax them, or have it stolen away from you from the other teammates.
But that's not all! The more towns you own by the end of the week, the more
money you earn! Trust me, you can earn a quarter of a million really quick!
Since nothing has told us on what to do in this chapter, continue to move
around the board fighting enemies, collecting items, and meet other
characters of the game. By the way, you can also return to the castle to
change your hair, your clothes, have the King heal you, and change your
occupation every time you max two available occupations. When you change
your occupation, you do some of loose the stats that you gained so far. So
you can switch them out at any time! As you progress into the game, more
occupations will become available.
They are as listed below:
Cleric: Helps their fellow man with holy powers
Spellsword: A well rounded fighter skilled in weaponry and magic. (Nice!)
Alchemist: Produces items using magic. ( I wonder if you can get a
Philosophers' Stone in this game?)
Ninja: Assassins who quietly strike from the shadows. (Like Splinter once
said, "Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go! If you don't know what movie that came off of
you're dead to me!)
Monk: Warriors who have honed their fighting skills and uses the art of the
(Seems promising!)
Acrobat: Professional entertainers who can even act like they're dead! (So
they can play possum!)
There's a little more info I have to tell you on the map. If you land on a
red treasure chest, that's called Red Loot box. It's a very risky space
where there are very few good items. Should you land on anything else, who
knows what result you'll end up with!
If you land on a Bank Space, you can choose to collect invest in a town one
at a time compared to a collection space where you can collect taxes from a
If you land on a blue space with a fist in the middle, you just landed on a
Harm Space. And that will lead in to big trouble! You can get damaged or
receive a status effect PLUS a encounter with a strong enemy. Avoid this
space as much as possible!
Land on a space with a white wing, you can chose to go back to the castle or
a available Temple. Of course, it doesn't come cheap. You do have to pay a
certain fee. That's the Warp Space for you!
Landing on a space with a purple door will lead you into a dungeon filled
with strong monsters! An ideal place to level up as long as you come well
prepared! You may never know what lies behind a Passage Space!
There's also a way where you can become a wanted criminal! It works like
this. If by any chance you decide to rob the place blind, you have to
Roshambo to do battle. No, it doesn't require you to kick someone in the
groin. (Thank Goodness!) But it's more like Paper, Scissors, Rock. Anyway,
should you lose in that match, a bounty will be on your head for one whole
week! That means that you are easy Pickens and if you lose to another player
with it on your head, not only they get to choose what to do with you, they
get the bounty too! Should you live for one whole week? You get a full
pardon! While you are a wanted criminal, you are shut out of towns, banks,
temples, stores, and the castle itself! If by some stroke of luck you win
the match altogether, you get a free item from the person you are trying to
One turn or another a monster from one town will drop a slab of rock in your
path. If you don't have a Mattock (Pick Axe) to break it down, you will have
to find another way around. If you can't find another way around and your in
a tight spot then you will have to wait for five turns for it to crumble.
Uh-oh! Cash, the loveable puppy has eaten a poisonous...doughnut? The only
person who has the antidote is the Wise Grandma. Grab it and deliver it to
the puppy before it meets it's end! She's located in the Asiana
Continent...Hey! We're on that continent! Before you spin, take a look at
the area southwest of the castle and that's where she is.
Remember, you have to land on that space in order for you to get it. Who
ever returns it to the King first gets a random castle and with the value of
you highest valuable city!
And that's the end of Chapter One!
Chapter 2: The Case of the Demon Prince and the Missing Piggy Bank
Once delivers the antidote, the King will request for one of you to get a
dish for him to taste. But that's the least of your problems. If someone
ends up hearing the whispers of dark revenge and they travel to a Dark
Space. Let's just say that there's going to be a whole lot shaking going on!
If you land on a dark space with a bat hanging over your head, a demon will
give you the powers of darkness at the cost of losing everything that you
own! Should you continue to get the get the power, you will become a demon
for a full 2 weeks! Trust me when I say this that if you have more than 2
players playing, it's going to feel like an eternity!
By now you should be at level 6. When that happens, you can switch jobs at
the castle.
But the Cleric is the only job available. Once someone beats the big boss,
the king
receives a letter stating that he took the Princess' Piggy Bank! In order
for you to get it back you have to fight Rico Jr. for it. Now a plague has
spread through out the kingdom and it will automatically donate your money
to the expensive towns on the map. Once you reach Rico jr., he will send a
clone version of yourself. If you can defeat it you can get the piggy bank.
However, once you returned it turns out to be broken and not a single cent
And that's the end of Chapter 2!
Chapter 3: Special Delivery - A Shopping Brawl!
One of the first events in this chapter is that all of the townspeople went
on strike.
Um, since when did they have a union? Now you can't enter any towns, stores,
even the banks are closed for the entire week! This also puts you at a
disadvantage since you can't save any towns either. If you're lucky and
Wabbit Week comes a long, try to get a Wabbit Shield. The shield alone
boosts all of your stats.
After a couple of weeks, the King asks for a favor. You have to capture a
Wabbit for the king. Why, because every other aristocrats have one and he
doesn't want to feel left out. Travel to the spring cave so you can bring
one to the king. Once you bring it back he'll give you a handsome amount of
gold for your delivery. However this is not the main part of the chapter.
The Royal Museum is losing its attendance and the King needs help to bring
the crowds back! With his crazy usage of urban lingo, he asks for someone to
bring back a Salamander Bug from the Lava Cave. Try to look for it under a
big red tree and deliver it to the king if you can make it with out being
scorched first!
Finally, the last request of the chapter from the king is 5 magic keys. He
wants to spruce up his bathroom since he has some extra cash lying around.
All you have to do is to buy them at the nearest Item Shop and deliver it to
the king.
And that ends Chapter 3!
Chapter 4: Return of the Demon Prince and the Kidnaped Princess.
Green jr. is hosting a tournament at the Colosseum to pit all of you against
his bodyguard. The bodyguard is very strong and the best way to beat him is
let the other players soften him up and you finish the other players off
Then when the bodyguard is weak enough, deliver the final blow!
Some security they got! Princess Penny has been kidnaped by no one other
than Rico jr.! He has her hostage in one of the available caves! Hurry and
bring her home! But it seems like he has feelings for this girl. Now he
wants to fight you for her! It's not going to be easy to beat regardless of
what level your on. This is a battle that will test your luck! It would be a
total shame for him recover should you lose the match! Should you win, Rico
will revive himself and simply let Penny go. Now you have to take her home
in one piece. Once she's back at the castle, the king will give you a
And that's the end of Chapter 4!
Chapter 5: The Royal Ring has been Stolen! Who's the Culprit?!
Somebody stolen the Royal Ring! I wonder who would do such a thing? With out
it, he can't conduct of any official business and they already have a
suspect! Find them and bring them to justice! Once the Royal Ring has been
returned, the chapter ends there.
Time for Chapter 5!
Chapter 6: The Ancient Artifact Debt of the Ancestors.
Green jr. shows up again and invites you into the coliseum but this time for
a game of cards. All you have to do is match up a pair of cards and get the
most amount at the end of the game. If you match a pair, you can get that
item. But if you pick up a bomb card you lose all of the cards you have!
It will be a couple of weeks until the King asks for a favor again and this
time, the findings are somewhat on the lines of bizarre! The king was
looking to excavate the ruins for treasure and found IOU's instead! How can
you place IOU's inside a tomb, huh? But the weirdest thing is, the kingdom's
more in debt than our economy! Of course, the king wants to keep it all
hush-hush! So they want you to find the Demolition Man and take him to
destroy the tablet so no one will ever know that they were in debt. Once you
find him you must travel into the pyramid and lead him to the artifact so he
can destroy it. Unfortunately, the king still get stuck with the bill in the
And that's the end of Chapter 6!
Chapter 7: Overlord Rico. Can you buy victory?
Uh oh! The big boss is here! Looks like he's here to see who's been bullying
his son! Now he's thinking about taking over this kingdom for his own! This
is your last test of valor and who ever beats this guy wins the game! Of
course getting to him won't be easy. Just like his son he'll block your path
towards him. When you get inside of the tower, you'll face Rico jr. before
you reach Rico himself. Go into battle and should you win, the king will
give you another castle!
And Green jr. appears once again in this chapter. This time you have to find
the Angel Card. First one to find them wins and you get a 100,000 gold!
And now the final chapter awaits!
Final Chapter: The Final Battle! See you in Heck, kids!
With Rico back in the underworld, he can use his full power. But there are
requirements needed in order for you to enter the final battle. You must
defeat your
Clonus and battle your way through the Gates of Heck to fight him one last
By getting this far into the game, if you are at least over level 75, you
stand chance. If not, then you have a long way to go! Go and battle as much
as you can before you tango with the devil! A spot will appear on the map
and that's where you go for your final battle.
Once you finally get to that special room where's he's standing, he will
reveal his true form and it is UG-LY! If your stats are higher than his
regardless of the level, you can take him down in 5 turns.
Once the deed is done, your character runs away from the place and the
monsters of the kingdom disappears as well and the monsters that are still
in town, they now belong to you! As the results are revealed to the king,
you get a bonus every time you make it into first place. However, if some
how the person who wins it all turns out to be a female character, you HAVE
to marry the king... maybe not...
And that, my friends, is the end of the final chapter and the end of the
Well, did you win? I SURE DIDN'T! I have:
Been killed over 12 times
Succumbed to the powers of darkness 7 times
Gained only over 10 million gold
And only killed my only computer opponent three times.
This is by far the only game that I ever played that I actually lost at the
end! I'm so
I would like to thank the following below because with out them, this
guide would not be possible!
Nintendo: For making such a interactive system, the Wii
Game Faqs: For making the guide and all other available to help
complete games in the past.
And you for taking time out to read this guide! Thanks a bunch and I
hope that this information will give you a better edge on the track.
Atlus: For making a funny, yet challenging game despite the fact that I
Legal Notice:
I will authorize this guide to released at these following websites at
this time:
GameFaqs and its CNet affiliates
Cheat Code Central
If you want to post it on your website, you must contact me at
[email protected] You can not post it unless you have my blessing.
This guide can be linked giving others access to this information.
This guide and all following guides in the distant future posted under
the Game FAQS ID name Data_Hunter are copyrighted. I can't make any
money off of it for this information is available without prejudice.
Dokupon Kingdom and other characters, music, and everything else in the game
are copy righted by Atlus and Licensed by Nintendo

Гайд по профессиям

Dokapon Kingdom (Nintendo Wii)
Class Guide
Written by: Charles Bates III / KainVermillion
23 October, 2008
Ver. 1.3
Contents: CTRL + F for search function-enter code below
+++++++++ to skip to desired section
I. Introduction..............................INT1
II. Terms.....................................TER2
III. Warrior...................................WAR3
IV. Magician..................................MAG4
V. Thief.....................................THI5
VI. Cleric....................................CLE6
VII. Spellsword................................SPS7
VIII. Alchemist.................................ALC8
IX. Ninja.....................................NIN9
X. Monk......................................MN10
XI. Acrobat...................................AC11
XII. Robo Knight...............................RK12
XIII. Hero......................................HR13
XIV. Darkling..................................DK14
XV. Credits...................................CD15
XVI. Contact Info..............................CI16
XVII. Still To Come.............................SC17
XVIII. Update Notes..............................UN18
XVIV. Authorized Websites.......................AW19
XX. Copyright.................................CP20
I. Introduction: INT1
Dokapon Kingdom has a total of 11 classes that can be played and mastered at
will once they're unlocked and 1 class that can only be played for limited
amounts of time once certain objectives have been satisfied.
Classes are listed in their order in the Gallery found in-game for both
easier searching and to know what goes where if yours is not yet completed.
Unless otherwise noted -
All information contained in this guide was either gained by myself through
playing the game or learned from the Gallery and then verified through play.
Skills that I feel need more explanation than the game's definition of the
skill will have additional notes.
II. Terms: TER2
Unlocked By - This refers to the objectives that must be met to unlock said
class. If the retrieval of an item is required you must bring the item to
Dokapon Castle and meet any other objectives needed for that class before
being able to change into that class. Once you change for the first time the
item will automatically disappear and you will have the ability to change back
into that class at any time afterwards.
Initial Stats - For the three introductory classes (Warrior, Magician, Thief)
your stats at the start of the game will be listed. When your class is
changed your current stats will not, therefore only the Initial Stats of
these 3 is listed.
AT = Attack: This is your ability to deal physical damage. In battle when you
attack your opponent with a weapon your attack is compared to their defense
to determine the amount of damage dealt.
DF = Defense: This is your ability to mitigate physical damage. When you are
attacked with a weapon your defense is compared to your opponent's attack to
determine the amount of damage you recieve.
MG = Magic: This is your ability to deal damage with battle magic and field
magic. In either situation your magic stat is compared to your target's to
determine the amount of damage dealt. This is not including elemental
resistances which are hidden values.
SP = Speed: This is your ability to hit and dodge with physical attacks and
field magic. Your speed is compared to your target's in either situation to
determine hit% / dodge%.
HP = Hit Points: This is how much damage you can take before you're killed.
Level Up - These are the base stats you will gain at level up for each class,
if you change your class it will not add to your new class' stats but instead
be replaced by that class' stat level. Mastery Stats being the only exception
to this. Each class gains a total of 4 stats at level up
(10 HP counted as one).
Item / Field Magic Slots - This is the number of items and field magic that
this class can carry respectively, this can not be increased or decreased
without changing your current class.
Mastery Stats - Once you master any given class in Dokapon Kingdom (Job LV6)
from that point on regardless of what class you play, when you gain a level
you will gain an extra point in the mentioned stat. These are cumulative for
every class mastered.
Class Skills - These are seperate from battle magic and will appear as the
bottom option during battle, they can only be used on your Offensive turn.
If you switch to a new class you will start with Charge as your default Class
Skill and may randomly be given access to individual Class Skills you have
already learned from other classes after finishing a battle. If you switch to
a class you have already leveled up to 2 or 3, your default Class Skill will
be the last one you learned as that class, if you have leveled it to 4 or
higher you will be given the option of which of the 2 unique class skills
you would like to take. Only one Class Skill may be equipped at a
time. The LV 1 Class Skill is Charge for every class barring Darkling which
can not be leveled / mastered.
Field Skill - This is a passive ability that you will have access to while
playing as each different class. You only have access to the Field Skill of
your current class.
Class Level - Listed is the necessary Class Level to gain access to each
individual skill, these are the same for all classes but listed for each
I have yet to verify exactly what is needed to gain a class
level as it doesn't appear to be 100% static, but generally it takes between
5-8 battle victories (Player opponents included). While if your opponent gives
up this does count towards your victories, it appears to be counted
differently. What class you are using and what class LV you are currently
does not appear to affect it, nor the level difference between you and your
opponent. IE - At level 80 you could farm class levels in Asiana in the same
amount of time as you could in Flinders, or master Thief in the same amount
of time as it would take to master Hero.
If anyone can verify the exact amount needed to increase class level it
would be greatly appreciated. Assuming there is indeed an exact amount.
Refer to Contact Info.
III. Warrior: WAR3
Unlocked By: N/A
Initial Stats: AT 5, DF 4, MG 1, SP 2, HP 50
Level Up: AT +2, DF +1, HP +10
Slots: 6 Item, 4 Field Magic
Class Mastery: AT +1
Class Skills:
Field Skill - War Cry: Randomly increases AT at the start of a turn.
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Muscle: Increases AT and DF by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 4 - Overload: Increases AT by 200%, but if it fails, AT is halved.
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
IV. Magician: MAG4
Unlocked By: N/A
Initial Stats: AT 5, DF 2, MG 3, SP 3, HP 40
Level Up: MG +2, SP +1, HP +10
Slots: 6 Item, 10 Field Magic
Class Mastery: MG +1
Class Skills:
Field Skill - Mage Combo: Allows the use of field magic twice in a single
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Meditate: Doubles MG.
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 4 - Restrict: Seals a random battle command.
(NOTE: This includes commands on both offensive and defensive command
V. Thief: THI5
Unlocked By: N/A
Initial Stats: AT 5, DF 3, MG 1, SP 4, HP 40
Level Up: AT +1, SP +2, HP +10
Slots: 8 Item, 6 Field Magic
Class Mastery: SP +1
Class Skills:
Field Skill - Pickpocket: When you pass by another player, you steal an item
or field magic from them.
(NOTE: The item recieved is randomly selected, you can steal from as many
players as many times as you pass them in a single turn.)
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Steal: Steals one of your opponent's items.
(NOTE: This can be used against monsters or players but has a low rate of
success. Includes items and field magic.)
Class Lv. 4 - Escape: Allows escape from battle without any penalty.
(NOTE: This can even be used in battles where Give Up is not allowed. If a
player or monster uses Escape the winner will recieve no class exp.)
VI. Cleric: CLE6
Unlocked By: Master any 1 of the 3 starting class (Warrior, Magician, Thief)
Level Up: DF +1, MG +1, HP +20
Slots: 6 Item, 8 Field Magic
Class Mastery: DF +1
Class Skills:
Field Skill - Holy Aura: Randomly recovers a lot of HP at the start of a turn.
(NOTE: This will only activate if you are wounded. Heals a maximum of 50% of
your max HP.)
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Heal: Heals all HP.
Class Lv. 4 - Prayer: Heals up to 50% HP and certain status ailments.
VII. Spellsword: SPS7
Unlocked By: Master Warrior and Magician
Level Up: AT +2, MG +2
Slots: 8 Item, 8 Magic
Class Mastery: AT +1
Class Skills:
Field Skill - Barrier: Allows you to sometimes counter field magic cast on
(NOTE: Damage reflected is the amount you would have taken, not the amount
it would deal if you had cast the field magic.)
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Chakra: Increases AT and MG by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 4 - Pierce: Causes the opponent's DF to be ignored when attacking
the next round.
VIII. Alchemist: ALC8
Unlocked By: Master Magician and Thief
Level Up: DF +1, MG +2, SP +1
Slots: 6 Item, 10 Field Magic
Class Mastery: MG +1
Class Skills:
Field Skill - Duplicate: Randomly duplicates an item or field magic you own.
(NOTE: This will not occur if you have no open slots and will not duplicate
certain items.)
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Alchemy: Creates money from damage taken by anyone in battle.
(NOTE: Awards you gold in the amount of between 640 - 645 x total damage
dealt, at end of battle.)
Class Lv. 4 - Debug: Reduces the opponent's HP to 1, but it can miss.
IX. Ninja: NIN9
Unlocked By: Master Warrior and Thief
Level Up: AT +2, SP +2
Slots: 10 Item, 6 Field Magic
Class Mastery: SP +1
Class Skills:
Field Skill - Item Combo: Allows use of two items per turn.
(NOTE: Both items must still be used before moving.)
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Sneak Hit: Reduces current enemy HP by 50%, chance to kill
Class Lv. 4 - Decoy: Creates a copy of the user, avoiding attacks and magic
50% of the time.
X. Monk: MN10
Unlocked By: Master Cleric
Level Up: AT +1, DF +1, HP +20
Slots: 8 Item, 6 Field Magic
Class Mastery: HP +10
Class Skills:
Field Skill - Fire Up: As your HP decreases all your other stats will
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Soul Fire: Increases AT by 50% every round.
(NOTE: Does not need to be used every round for the effect to continue.
Round defined as both your and your opponent's turn together to make 1.)
Class Lv. 4 - Afterburn: Increases all stats by 50%, but your HP will be
halved after battle.
XI. Acrobat: AC11
Unlocked By: Obtain a Show Ticket from the Casino in Casino Cave located in
southern Hallstatt. To obtain ticket bet 5000G and if you win with 3 Coins or
3 Cherries and the top wheel stops on "Great" you will recieve a Show Ticket.
(NOTE:This is not the only way to obtain it and may not give you one every
time, currently however, this is by far the best method with the highest
Level Up: AT +1, DF +1, SP +1, HP +10
Slots: 6 Item, 6 Field Magic
Class Mastery: HP +10
Class Skills:
Field Skill - Play Dead: Revives you 50% of the time when defeated with
50% HP.
(NOTE: This can occur even if you have Revivals or the Angel Choker, all
3 effects are rolled seperately.)
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Play Dumb: Nullifies magic attacks for a few turns, sometimes
Class Lv. 4 - ????: Becomes a random skill during battle.
(NOTE: This includes skills you have learned, skills you have not learned and
even certain monster skills and the Darkling's Delete skill. The name of the
skill will be displayed where your skill normally is and will stay the same
for the duration of the battle. Each battle it will randomly select a
different skill.)
XII. Robo Knight: RK12
Unlocked By: Master Alchemist and Monk and obtain Lost Technology from
Underwater Shrine in Northeastern Llano. Lost Technology can be found in any
Item roulette space there.
Level Up: AT +1, DF +2, SP +1
Slots: 10 Item, 8 Field Magic
Class Mastery: DF +1
Class Skills:
Field Skill - GOTO: Randomly allows movement anywhere within 0-6 spaces.
(NOTE: Effect for this and Crystal Choker rolled seperately. GOTO will
take precedence over Super Spinner if you've activated one on a previous turn
and is still active when GOTO activates, but will not cancel the effect if
Super Spinner turns remain.)
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Copy: Copies the opponent's stats if they are higher than your
Class Lv. 4 - Harden: Nullifies physical attacks but doesn't always work.
XIII. Hero: HR13
Unlocked By: Master Spellsword, Ninja and Acrobat and obtain Hero License
from Castle in the Clouds. Entrance to Castle in the Clouds located on 3F of
Daunting Mountain located in Western Llano. Angel Wings required to enter
Castle in the Clouds can only be obtained from fighting Rico Jr. who once
reaching Llano has a chance of appearing in any empty space battle. Angel
Wings disappear after entering Castle in the Clouds, Hero License can be
found from any White Chest space located inside.
Level Up: AT +1, DF +1, MG +1, SP +1
(NOTE: The Hero class will always gain these stats at level up but also
has a chance of gaining 1 additional point in a random stat)
Slots: 12 Item, 12 Field Magic
Class Mastery: AT +1
Class Skills:
Field Skill - Full Combo: Allows use of 1 field magic and 1 item in the same
Class Lv. 1 - Charge: Increases AT by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
Class Lv. 2 - Glory: Forces non-boss monsters to Give Up.
Class Lv. 4 - Guard: Increases random stats by 50%
(NOTE: Lasts until the end of the battle it is used during.)
XIV. Darkling: DK14
Unlocked By: If you are in last place there is a chance that on your turn
a bat will appear above your head and you will get a message saying "... hears
the whispers of darkness." If at this point you go to the Dark Space located
in SE Asiana you will be transformed into the Darkling at the cost of all
your items, money, towns and field magic. Your equipment will not be taken
but will be replaced until your time as the Darkling expires.
Darkling transformation lasts 2 weeks. There is also a chance that once you
have the bat Weber will appear on an empty space and give you a Contract which
will transport you directly to the Dark Space. Bat lasts until you become
Darkling or are no longer in last place. The Contract can be taken by other
players but will not transport you without meeting the requirements.
The Darkling Class can not be leveled up or mastered, your battle magics and
skill will be replaced by:
Offensive: Giga Blaze - Strongest fire battle magic spell
Defensive: Super Bounce - Reflects spells at 4x original strength.
Skill: Delete - Erases either the opponent's inventory, equipment or money.
Give Up is disabled for the Darkling and anyone fighting against the
Upon battle victory the Darkling receives the option to Throw Away:
All of their opponent's money,
One piece of equipment,
All of their items and field magic or
One of their towns.
Equipment will be replaced by:
Weapon: Draco Blade - AT 333
Shield: Demon Shield - DF 333, AT 2, MG 4
Accessory: Overlord's Crown - AT 300, DF 250, MG 200, SP 150
As the Darkling you will spin for Dark Points at the beginning of every turn,
these Dark Points can be used for the following effects:
Trap Summon 10P: Sets traps on eight locations on the map.
Item Stopper 20P: Seals all players' items and field magic.
Caltrops 30P: Gives all players footsores.
Banker Strike 40P: Closes all Loot and Bank spaces.
Worker Strike 40P: Closes all Building spaces.
Market Crash 60P: Takes half of everyone's money and throws it away.
Naptime 60P: Makes everyone fall asleep.
Day Off 70P: Closes all Loot, Bank and Building spaces.
Come Here 100P: Summons everyone to the Darkling's space.
Local Assault 120P: Summons monsters to all towns on chosen continent.
Ill Cartographo 120P: Turns all Empty spaces on the map into Doom spaces,
that makes anyone that lands on them fight the
Castle Panic 160P: Takes a random castle owned by another player.
Global Assault 200P: Summons monsters to all towns on all accessible
If you land on any town that is owned you will summon a monster there, if you
land on any town with a monster you will be fully healed, HP and status.
While Darkling every turn you will have between 2-5 Spinners to roll your
movement. Every town that you corrupt gains you experience that will go
towards your character which will be distributed upon your first battle
victory after Darkling transformation wears off.
XV. Credits: CD15
All_is_Dust, MasterPoker, mjj288, Zellos, Fullgore EXE, Mistoltean,
sapphirecat and other posters for letting me know that my original Show
Ticket solution was incorrect, sorry for the misinformation.
Justin Barnard for a correction concerning the Duplicate skill.
XVI. Contact Info: CI16
If you notice any typos or incorrect information feel free to email me.
If there is anything that I've missed or you would like added feel free
to email me. Make the subject Dokapon Kingdom Class Guide or something
similar so I know to look at it rather than disregard it. Also include
the name you would like to be credited as in your email.
If you would like to post this on your website you are required to gain
permission of use from me first, email me if this is the case.
Email address: [email protected]
XVII. Still To Come: SC17
For the time being I'll be using this section to list things that I still
need to add, both as a reminder to myself and as suggestions to potential
contributors. Funny how everytime you think something's done you notice
something else that's missing. Oh well.
1. Full list of status effects healed by Prayer (current: Poison, Curse,
Footsore) and status effects not healed by Prayer (Z Plague)
2. Length of time that Decoy lasts.
3. Length of time that Harden lasts.
4. Min / Max number of stats Hero's Guard ability can increase and length of
time it lasts.
5. Warcry AT % increase and number of turns it lasts.
6. Increase in stats from Monk's Fire Up (equivalent to HP % decrease?)
7. Check for variance in Alchemy skill based on level / class level.
8. Full list of items Duplicate skill won't..... well, duplicate.
While it's likely that all battle abilities unless otherwise stated in
their description last for the entirety of the battle I'd like to verify
this completely before committing to it.
Thanks for reading.
XVIII. Update Notes: UN18
Ver. 1.0 - 23 October, 2008
Original FAQ version number, complete listings, some formulas and
minor tweaks missing.
Ver. 1.1 - 24 October, 2008
Added Holy Aura HP%, Alchemy Conversion ratio, Verified Hero's
Mastery as a static +1 AT and some other minor fixes / changes.
Ver. 1.2 - 01 November, 2008
Changed Show Ticket method as it proved inefficient at best, incorrect at
worst, also minor fixes / changes.
Ver. 1.3 - 05 November, 2008
Correction concerning Duplicate skill. Major slacking with
my to-do list of late, hopefully will find more time soon.
XVIV. Authorized Websites: AW19
Here is listed those websites that I have given permission to host this FAQ:
XX. Copyright / Legal Info: CP20
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.
Copyright 2008 Charles Bates III


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