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C++ Game Development Cookbook
Год издания: 2016
Автор: Druhin Mukherjee
Жанр или тематика: Программирование
Издательство: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-78588-272-2
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 346
Описание: C++ is one of the preferred languages for game development as it supports a variety of coding styles that provides low-level access to the system. C++ is still used as a preferred game programming language by many as it gives game programmers control of the entire architecture, including memory patterns and usage. However, there is little information available on how to harness the advanced features of C++ to build robust games.
This book will teach you techniques to develop logic and game code using C++. The primary goal of this book is to teach you to create high-quality games using C++ game programming scripts and techniques, regardless of the library or game engine you use. It will show you how to make use of the object-oriented capabilities of C++ so you can write well-structured and powerful games of any genre. The book also explores important areas such as physics programming and audio programming, and gives you other useful tips and tricks to improve your code.
By the end of this book, you will be competent in game programming using C++, and will be able to develop your own games in C++.

Примеры страниц


Preface v
Chapter 1: Game Development Basics 1
Introduction 1
Installing an IDE on Windows 2
Choosing the right source control tool 5
Using call stacks for memory storage 7
Using recursions cautiously 9
Using pointers to store memory addresses 11
Casting between different datatypes 14
Managing memory more effectively using dynamic allocation 16
Using bitwise operations for advanced checks and optimization 21
Chapter 2: Object-Oriented Approach and Design in Games 25
Introduction 25
Using classes for data encapsulation and abstraction 26
Using polymorphism to reuse code 30
Using copy constructors 34
Use operator overloading to reuse operators 36
Use function overloading to reuse functions 45
Using files for input and output 48
Creating your first simple game 52
Templates – when to use them 55
Chapter 3: Data Structures in Game Development 59
Introduction 59
Using more advanced data structures 60
Using linked lists to store data 70
Using stacks to store data 72
Using queues to store data 75
Using trees to store data 77
Table of Contents
Using graphs to store data 81
Using STL lists to store data 83
Using STL maps to store data 85
Using STL hash tables to store data 86
Chapter 4: Algorithms for Game Development 89
Introduction 89
Using sorting techniques to arrange items 90
Using searching techniques to look for an item 93
Finding the complexity of an algorithm 95
Finding the endian-ness of a device 97
Using dynamic programming to break down a complex problem 99
Using greedy algorithms to solve problems 101
Using divide and conquer algorithms to solve problems 102
Chapter 5: Event-Driven Programming – Making Your First 2D Game 107
Introduction 107
Starting to make a Windows game 108
Using Windows classes and handles 109
Creating your first window 114
Adding keyboard and mouse controls with text output 118
Using Windows resources with GDI 126
Using dialogs and controls 131
Using sprites 136
Using animated sprites 155
Chapter 6: Design Patterns for Game Development 159
Introduction 159
Using the singleton design pattern 160
Using the factory method 162
Using the abstract factory method 165
Using the observer pattern 170
Using the flyweight pattern 174
Using the strategy pattern 179
Using the command design pattern 184
Creating an advanced game using design patterns 187
Chapter 7: Organizing and Backing Up 191
Introduction 191
Versions of source control 192
Installing a versioning client 192
Selecting a host to save your data 193
Adding source control – committing and updating your code 195
Table of Contents
Resolving conflicts 197
Creating a branch 198
Chapter 8: AI in Game Development 201
Introduction 201
Adding artificial intelligence to a game 202
Using heuristics in a game 203
Using a Binary Space Partition Tree 205
Creating a decision making AI 208
Adding behavioral movements 219
Using neural network 222
Using genetic algorithms 227
Using other waypoint systems 231
Chapter 9: Physics in Game Development 233
Introduction 233
Using physics rules in your game 234
Making things collide 239
Installing and integrating Box2D 245
Making a basic 2D game 246
Making a 3D game 250
Creating a particle system 252
Using ragdoll in your game 254
Chapter 10: Multithreading in Game Development 263
Introduction 263
Concurrency in games – creating a thread 264
Joining and detaching a thread 265
Passing arguments to a thread 266
Avoiding deadlocks 268
Data race and mutex 269
Writing a thread-safe class 271
Chapter 11: Networking in Game Development 275
Introduction 276
Understanding the different layers 276
Selecting the appropriate protocol 278
Serializing the packets 281
Using socket programming in games 286
Sending the data 289
Receiving the data 294
Dealing with lag 297
Using synchronized simulation 299
Table of Contents
Using area of interest filtering 301
Using local perception filter 302
Chapter 12: Audio in Game Development 305
Introduction 305
Installing FMOD 306
Adding background music 306
Adding sound effects 308
Creating a sound effect manager 309
Dealing with multiple sound file names 312
Chapter 13: Tips and Tricks 315
Introduction 315
Effectively commenting your code 315
Using bit fields in a struct 317
Writing a sound technical design document 319
Using the const keyword to optimize your code 320
Using bit shift operators in an enum 322
Using the new lambda function of C++ 11 323
Index 325
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