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Magix Samplitude Pro X2 Suite V13.1
Год/Дата Выпуска: 12.2014
Версия: 13.1
Разработчик: MAGIX
Сайт разработчика:
Разрядность: 32bit, 64bit
Язык интерфейса: Мультиязычный (русский отсутствует)
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Системные требования:
Процессор: 1.5 ГГц
Оперативная память: 2 ГБ (32-бит), 4 ГБ (64-бит)
Видео-карта: встроенная, с минимальным разрешением 1024 x 768
Звуковая карта: встроенная
Жёсткий диск: 1 ГБ минимум, рекомендуется 20 ГБ для Samplitude Pro X2, и 90 ГБ для Samplitude Pro X2 Suite
Описание: Samplitude Pro X – это идеальная DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), обладающая практически любой функциональностью – начиная с записи, обработки и микширования, и заканчивая профессиональным мастерингом и авторингом дисков. Почувствуйте преимущества работы с индивидуально настраиваемыми пользовательскими интерфейсами, которые создадут для Вас Вашу личную DAW. Точный Audio Engine с полной битовой прозрачностью (одинаковая обработка любых типов данных), великолепные High-End подключаемые модули, 5.1 Surround микширование, инструменты для мастеринга и возможность использования в любых звукозаписывающих студиях делают Samplitude Pro X одной из лучших Audio Workstation в мире.
64-битная поддержка
- Используйте преимущества 64-битных подключаемых модулей (Plug-ins).
- 32-битный подключаемые модули (Plug-ins) также поддерживаются.
-Samplitude Pro X работает как на 32-битных, так и на 64-битных системах.

Что нового MAGIX Samplitude Pro X2 Suite 13:

What's new - Что нового

Multiple outputs
For even more flexible routing during mixing: Samplitude Pro X2 lets you easily add or remove additional outputs. You can also assign no outputs to a track. Moreover, you can also view and select multiple outputs directly in the routing manager. Different tap points downstream of the volume control (post), upstream of the volume control (pre) or directly after the gain (direct out) make it easier to mix complex music productions.
Free plug-in routing
More production control: Order the application of effects and plug-ins exactly how you want. The sequence can now even be edited for tracks as well as all objects in the arrangement. This goes for the effects sequence during Surround editing as well. In this case, the plug-ins in the individual channels are always calculated before the Surround effects. Most effects can now be applied multiple times to a track or an object.
VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifiers)
The VCA fader in Samplitude Pro X2, whose usability and comfort is based on large analog mixing consoles, is natively integrated in the DAW. The VCA fader allows you to control all relevant levels when mixing your project. Each existing channel strip can be easily turned into a VCA fader. You can also assign individual channels to a VCA group and control them using the VCA fader in the mixer. You can assign as many channel strips as you want to a VCA master fader. By displaying "Ghost faders", the resulting change can also be read out in the individual channels depending on the VCA master.
Automations made easy
Working with track and plug-in automations is now even easier. When you delete a selected object, the corresponding automation data is saved and moved. You can also right click on curve points to edit them or transfer track automations to objects.
zplane time stretching technology
The new zplane time stretching and pitch shifting algorithm is one of the best algorithms in the world and provides the highest audio quality for adjusting pitch and speed in Samplitude Pro X2. This technology works impressively and artifact-free, even at large factors.
Elastic Audio for multiple tracks
When editing multiple track recordings, e.g. with choirs, it is often useful to apply the changes made for a track in Elastic Audio to all tracks. With the "Synchronize tracks" option in the Elastic Audio dialog, you can now transfer changes automatically.
VST 3 interface
The VST 3 interface allows you to integrate plug-ins and instruments developed according to the new VST 3 standard. VST 3 makes it possible to infinitely automate various plug-in parameters exactly at the sample level and optimizes the allocation of individual channels.
Virtual Instruments
From heavy drum patterns to the warm vintage sounds of a classical organ: The new virtual instruments offer impressive sound design, intuitive controls and countless modulation options. New in Samplitude Pro X2: DN-e1 synthesizer, Rock Drums, Vintage Organ, Bass Machine. Additionally included in the Samplitude Pro X2 Suite: Analog Synths, Urban Drums, Electric Piano & String Ensemble.
Improved arranger
The project window is now completely integrated in the Samplitude Pro X2 docking concept. You can now comfortably switch between projects by using the tab display. It is also easier to work with multiple screens and projects now. You can simply move project windows to different monitors and edit or compare them at the same time.
Custom toolbars
The toolbars in Samplitude Pro X2 can now be customized with drag & drop and assigned new buttons with their own menu features. Customizing toolbars makes using the necessary tools for various applications during the production process easier.
Jump to peak value
Finding extreme values: You can now jump to the peak value in a group of selected objects. This provides a huge advantage when locating and editing problematic points in an arrangement.
The tuner in Samplitude Pro X2 is an efficient tool for checking the pitches of individual guitar, bass or ukulele strings before recording.

Доп. информация:Online activation

Deinstall Samplitude Pro X2 Suite, then Re-Install it (Choose FULL)
If done apply the Patcher (with FULL ADMIN RIGHTs) from inside your installed Samplitude RootDir. -> Click "PATCH" to crack the Targets
If Done , Start the !! Sam.exe !! and register with following SN :
Keep the "EMAIL ADRESS" as it is \ Use any other Fake-Adress of you choice.
Now you earn a "Error Code-14 Message" (The Serial number you entered is...)Just agree with "OK", the Message turns now into a better looking Message(Activation was successful, but...) all fine, make no Head about it!
So finally agree once again with "OK" Samplitude Pro X2 Suite is getting Activated now. But you must have to do the same process with Additional to License stuff (eg. The New AAC-Codec and The Cleaning & Restauration Suite) - You Found both here:
Menue\Help\Activate Cleaning & Restauration Suite
>>> A D D I T I O N A L T O N O T E
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