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Magix Samplitude Pro X2 Suite UPDATE ONLY
Год выпуска: 2015
Разработчик: MAGIX
Разрядность: 32bit, 64bit
Описание: Обновление Samplitude Pro X2 Suite – рабочей станции для бескомпромиссного производства аудио, предназначенной для организации и записи, редактирования, микширования и профессионального мастеринга аудио и создания CD/DVD.
Работайте с полностью настраиваемым интерфейсом, учитывающем ваши потребности. Точность аудио движка с поддержкой разрядности 64-бит, выдающиеся плагины мастеринга высокого качества, микширование 5.1 Surround и способность бесшовной интеграции в вашу студию делают Samplitude Pro X2 самой мощной рабочей станцией аудио.
Русификатор: скачать
Справка от предыдущей версии:

Изменения в отличие от предыдущей версии

02/03/2015 Samplitude
Independence: keyboard entry did not work – fixed
Different display of Q value in mixer and EQ116 dialog – fixed
Multiple Outputs:
New Stereo Master handling
Stereo Master can now be selected additionally to corresponding output
Stereo Master will always be "primary" output
Master can be routed to multiple outputs with CTRL key
Displayed in Routing Manager
Modified output menu
Busses are shown before devices
Output for Stereo Master only marked with "M"
"Show Output" for Mixer and Track Editor can be chosen independently (Only correctly displayed in Camo, Canis, Carbon, StarGray)
Multiple Outputs independent from Bypass-switch in AUX section
With activated "Show outputs" active multiple outs are shown
Can only be deactivated one by one
Playback issues with multiple outs in in Economy-Engine – fixed
1 sample shift with multiple outputs in Hybrid Engine – fixed
Issues with solo handling – fixed
Issue with creating Aux Busses in mixer – fixed
Request after loading of project with changed Stereo Master didn't work – fixed
Frequency display in Mixer and EQ116 differed when opened for the first time – fixed
CTRL + Click for multi-selection of plug-in slots didn't work – fixed
Missing object reverb with Room Simulator – fixed
Crashes with EQ116 – fixed
Plug-in handling for grouped tracks similar to grouped objects again activated by default (deactivate with [Factors]
MixerTransferAllFx=1 )
Issue with Snapshots in surround projects – fixed
TS/PS artefacts with élastique Pro – fixed
Option to consolidate volume curves when converting them from track to object
Missing shortcuts in automation menu – fixed
Issue when creating object curve points in Universal Mousemode at high zoom levels – fixed
Additional points are created at range borders for conversion of object to track automation (or vice versa)
Deleting object automation points did not create undo step – fixed
"Link curves to objects" works now when deleting objects
MIDI track Volume fader with CC07 function had been reset when undoing or not accepting recording takes – fixed
MIDI Editor: sometimes playback did not work – fixed
Screen Keyboard can be played also from an open VSTi dialog
Hardware Controller
Crash when adding a hardware controller – fixed
EUCON: Crash when closing a project with plug-ins and activated EUCON controller – fixed
Fader scaling was not considered occasionally – fixed
Several other fixes
DPI scaling
Only activated for more than 125% screen scaling
Issue with VCA Fader display – fixed
Improved keyboard shortcuts and tab order for track info dialog
Diverse GUI fixes for Object Editor (Canis, Camo, Carbon)
When switching between system and project preferences, all elements in dialog on the left side collapsed– fixed
Diverse docking issues with MIDI-Editor – fixed
Wrong program title after closing last project – fixed
Wrong size of grid toolbar – fixed
Diverse problems with keyboard focus – fixed
Display problems after program start or loading of workspaces – fixed
Object Editor: display in headline did not update – fixed
Docking: Issues with focus when working on multiple projects (project specific toolbars and calling up menus) – fixed
Track fader of inactive projects have not been displayed – fixed
Keyboard shortcuts including "ALT GR" did not work reliably – fixed
Issue with command "close docker tab" (CTRL+F4) – fixed
Additional punch-out marker is set at range end
Issue with "Recall last position" after moving markers – fixed
No overwriting of album name when loading CD text file (*.cdt) – fixed
Object buffer size is now limited within 1.024 and 32.768
Track bouncing: Setting for ignoring master and track effects have not been recalled correctly – fixed
Right/left arrow keys did not work when naming tracks – fixed
Export of keyboard shortcuts not in Read Only directory anymore by default
C&R Suite activation link was available in Pro X2 Suite – fixed
problem with hint for additional downloads in download version activated by dongle – fixed
Crashes at shutdown of program with open object editor


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Инструкция по лечению

Лечение применимо только к версии! Если обновление уже установлено, переустановите Samplitude без обновления и используйте онлайн-активатор из (см. инструкцию там же), а затем установите обновление. В дальнейшем для обновлений лечение уже не потребуется.
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