Visual Assist X 10.9 (builds 2059, 2052, 2048), 10.8 (builds 2043, 2042, 2036, 2029, 2023, 2007rc, 2001), 10.7 (builds 1946b, 1940, 1936, 1929, 1925, 1918, 1916, 1912, 1908)

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Visual Assist X 10.9 (builds 2059, 2052, 2048), 10.8 (builds 2043, 2042, 2036, 2029, 2023, 2007rc, 2001), 10.7 (builds 1946b, 1940, 1936, 1929, 1925, 1918, 1916, 1912, 1908)
Версия: 10.9 (builds 2059, 2052, 2048), 10.8 (builds 2043, 2042, 2036, 2029, 2023, 2007rc, 2001), 10.7 (builds 1946b, 1940, 1936, 1929, 1925, 1918, 1916, 1912, 1908)
Год выпуска: 2015
Разработчик: Wholetomato
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Системные требования: Visual Studio VS "14" CTP/VS2013 RTM,preview/VS2012 RC,RTM/2010/2008/2003/2002/6
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблетка: Присутствует
Описание: Visual Assist позволяет увеличить возможности редактирования Microsoft Visual Studio .NET и Microsoft Visual C++. Visual Assist X - Самый удобный и полезный addin к среде MS Visual C++ среди всех когда-либо используемых. Используя все возможности данного пакета (среди которых подсветка синтаксиса текста различными цветами, автозаполнение имени т.п.) мы больше не делаем досадные синтаксические ошибки, которые проявляются во время компиляции. С помощью Visual Assist X Вам будут доступны функции автозаполнения, подстановки кода, контекстные меню, форматирования. Поддерживает несколько буферов обмена для хранения нескольких параметров и многое другое. Это избавляет нас от вглядывания в длинное имя в поисках опечатки, поиска парных скобок и т.п. позволяя больше времени уделять программированию.
Доп. информация:
Некоторые возможности:
• Улучшенная подсветка синтаксиса для редактора кода, списков автоподстановки, дерева классов, всплывающих подсказок.
• Автозаполнение на основе части имени (не обязательно начальной) или его акронима.
• Фильтрация списка автоподстановки.
• Автозавершение имени файла в выражении #include
• Вставка шаблонов кода через кнопки на панели инструментов и клавиатурные комбинации.
• Автозамена точки на -> для указателей.
• Подсветка парных и непарных скобок.
• Автотекст. Аналогично система автотекст в Microsoft Word.
• Автоматический показ определения символа при его выделении
• Восстановление редактировавшегося файла после сбоя среды разработки.
• Расширение буфера обмена (помнит до нескольких десятков последних копирований).

release notes 1908

New! Visual Studio 2012 RC support. more information
• Added support for Visual Studio 2012 RC editor themes. (case=64155) 10681
• Fixed several issues related to items returned from template functions (case=5690, case=30137) 10679, 8902, 8268, 9616, 6052

release notes 1912

New! Visual Studio 2012 RTM support.
New! Create Implementation for multiple methods, including the ability to implement all unimplemented methods of a class at once. (case=49162) 7247, 6933, 6181, 5632, 5542, 5122
New! Create Implementation/Declaration is not offered if one already exists. (case=1120) 7247, 6789, 6698, 4656, 4666, 4542
New! Implement Interface/Virtual Methods now supports the entire inheritance chain. (case=52138) 10391, 10154, 10099, 10088, 10030, 9865
New! Better naming rules for methods generated by Encapsulate Field. (case=67462) 10778, 10300
New! Optional per-solution parser hint file. (case=67079)
Decrease load time of solutions that have projects with large numbers of configurations. (case=68124)
Goto (Alt+G) no longer offers to jump to a same-named (but unrelated) symbol in a different project. (case=67966)
Improved Goto for C# namespaces. (case=67133)
Fixed Goto and Highlight References on managed C++ property accessors. (case=67411)
Fixed Goto jumping to wrong symbol when invoked during a lengthy Find References operation. (case=67606) 10792
Fixed issue where Goto did not list implementations of class methods in macro-defined namespaces. (case=14901) 10521
Fixed parsing of forward-declared class names that include macros in the declaration. (case=33389, case=67379) 9068
Fix for cross-wired Extract Method, Add Member, Add Similar Member, and Create Declaration operations on same-named classes in same-named files in different projects/paths. (case=35401) 10045
Fix for Create from Usage treating break keyword as a parameter. (case=68205)
Improved handling of macros with long definitions. (case=68099)
Restored missing IUnknown methods to IDispatch member lists. (case=65843)
Fix for missing ADO _Recordset inherited members. (case=64203) 10544
Fix for Smart Suggestions displaying incorrect enum items. (case=67011)
Fixed parsing problem that caused .NET assembly defined enums to appear as fields without their corresponding values. (case=67135)
Implement Virtual Methods works with .NET and WinRT system classes. (case=67012) 10734
Implement Interface supports WinRT C++ interface classes. (case=68093)
VA Outline suppresses display of sealed and abstract modifiers. (case=67035)
Removed superfluous space that was sometimes inserted when using $selected$ in a VA Snippet. (case=67264) 10757
Fixed missing JavaScript VA Snippets in ASP files following a server script block or XML comment. (case=66999, case=67330)
Improved members listboxes for some macros used as functions to return objects. (case=67322)
Fixed problem with Quick Info tooltips containing content from minified JavaScript files. (case=67497) 10766
Fixed listbox render-on-resize issue on WinXP (regression in 1903). (case=67637)
VS2010+: VA underlines source code in C/C++ if IDE squiggles are disabled. (case=42525) 9490
VS2010+: Fixed issue with C++11 auto type inference on method return value when method is sealed. (case=67292)
VS2010+: Fixed incorrect listbox screen position that occurred on certain multi-monitor setups. (case=67174) 10752
VS2012: Quick Info and Parameter Info tooltips use theme-defined VA default colors when tooltip coloring is enabled. (case=66899)
VS2012: Ongoing UI updates for VS2012 themes. (case=67107)

release notes 1916

New! Refactoring to rename files and update #includes (VS2005+). (case=1463) 10404, 8187, 7076, 7060, 6869, 6795, 5992, 5785, 5109, 4836
Fixed hang when navigating Find References results in some VS2012 C# projects. (case=69164) 10877
Reduced load time of solutions with many C++ projects and project configurations. (case=68333)
Improved responsiveness of UI when working in remote files. (case=68558)
Fixed cases in VB where item starting with _ was inserted unexpectedly. (case=53025) 10910
Highlight Symbol under Cursor, Find References results, and Find results highlights no longer displayed on top of C# breakpoints. (case=63743)
Goto (Alt+G) filtering introduced in build 1912 is now optional via VA Options | Projects | File Handling. (case=68725) 10889
Fix for Goto when header files not in project but in solution folder (regression in 1912). (case=68530, case=69195) 10915, 10889
Fixed Goto for implementations that follow macro-defined methods (regression in 1912). (case=68625) 10521

release notes 1918

New! Bulk Move Implementation to Source is supported on class declarations. (case=68102) 10906, 10741, 9830, 8239, 6534, 6481, 6476
New! Goto (Alt+G) on C++11 auto keyword jumps to the inferred type definition. (case=69239) 10920
New! VS2012: Open Corresponding File (Alt+O) no longer uses preview tab. (case=69797)
• Fixed potential crash when working with solutions containing many JavaScript unit tests. (case=70215)
• Improved performance for HTML files containing large amounts of JavaScript code. (case=69748)
• Fixed Goto for C++ template class methods. (case=42266) 9469
• Fixed Goto for solutions containing project directories that are also platform include directories. (case=61788) 10373
• Fixed Goto for implementations that follow certain macro-generated methods. (case=68625) 10521
• Bulk Create Implementation recognizes MFC DECLARE_MESSAGE_MAP generated implementations. (case=68802) 7247
• Bulk Create Implementation emits the correct $SymbolName$ for each method. (case=68550) 10921, 10874
• Improved Create Implementation on function declarations containing macro-defined qualifiers. (case=68634) 10847
• Find References supports C++11 auto keyword. (case=69271)
• Fixed tracking of Find References results in HTML/ASP/ASPX files after file is edited. (case=69105)
• Removed spurious parentheses from autocompletion of "using" directives. (case=69880) 10964
• Improved parsing of symbols used in lambdas. (case=57605) 10927, 10755
• Fixed spurious underline of function followed by lowercase macro-defined qualifier. (case=62756) 10447
• Created separate C and C++ refactor snippets for Create from Usage. (case=68490)
• C/C++ labels are valid targets for Find References, Rename, and Goto. (case=1909) 6430, 5041
• Spell Check supports single-line Doxygen comments. (case=69662) 10133
• Change C/C++ listbox sorting algorithm to match Visual Studio for symbols prefixed with _ or ~. (case=65462)
• VS2010+: Fix for VA Navigation Bar disappearing when manipulating split document windows. (case=70061)
• VS2010+: Fixed resource script syntax coloring. (case=69846) 10958
• VS2010+: Fixed listbox and refactor popup position when using high DPI settings. (case=68460) 10866
• VS2010+: Spell Check menu appears on press of context menu key when caret is on underlined word (Shift+F10 is not supported). (case=64418) 10560
• VS2012: Fix for crash that would occur some time after creating a multi-window editor layout. (case=70062)
• VS2012: Better handling of dark theme colors in tool windows and menus. (case=69881, case=70160)
• VS2012: Improvements to IDE theme support. (case=69995)
• VS2012: Improved parsing of native unit test framework. (case=69244)

release notes 1925

New! Create File refactoring to quickly create a new file in the same directory as the active file. Generated file is added to the same project as the active file in VS2010+. (case=68569)
New! Move Selection to New File refactoring to create a new file with the selected contents and optionally #include the new file. Based on Create File - see above for additional notes. (case=68570)
New! Improved response of Find Symbol in Solution (Alt+Shift+S) dialog and VA View Symbols in Solution list. (case=54946) 11064, 9989
New! Methods in File (Alt+M) list can be configured to omit scope. (case=70850) 11043
New! The following commands may be invoked via keyboard shortcuts from within VA View and VA Outline if their scope is changed from Text Editor to Global: List Methods in File (Alt+M), Open Corresponding File (Alt+O), Spell Check, Reparse. (case=9918) 11065, 6938
New! Built-in types (e.g., int instead of System.Int32) are used when implementing interfaces. (case=66979) 10734
New! Enhanced Syntax Coloring may be selectively disabled for the IDE Find Results window via a registry setting. (case=70280) 10995
New! Added a registry setting to allow Add Include to insert the header name only without path. (case=70713) 11033, 9849
• Fixed hang while typing characters using the AltGr key. (case=70780) 11042
• Fixed rare crash identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=70523) 10998
• Fix for Find References identifying preprocessor directives as find results. (case=69958)
• Prevent Add Include refactoring from putting #include directives within #ifdef blocks. (case=70467)
• Fix for cross-wired Create From Usage operation on same-named classes in different projects. (case=56104) 10045
• Fixed parsing of C++ using directives that use template classes. (case=70216) 11020
• Fix for friend class declaration when class keyword is omitted. (case=768)
• Fix for parsing issue with auto keyword applied to pointers and references. (case=70153)
• Display of #include references in Rename and Find References results is controlled via the Comments and Strings option (since Rename Files was introduced in build 1916). (case=27827) 7946
• Functions declared with the _Success_() macro appear correctly in List Methods in File (Alt+M). (case=37473) 10740
• Fix for incorrect members lists generated for structs whose names differ in case only. (case=70618) 11019
• Fixed Smart Suggestions for loops containing an if/else statement without curly braces. (case=40467)
• Fixed VA Outline node info for unnamed enums. (case=70562)
• Improved listbox selection logic for VB. (case=70658)
• Improved suggestions while typing in VB. (case=70663)
• Numbered keyboard shortcuts appear for Open Corresponding File (Alt+O) when more than one corresponding file exists. (case=71014) 11062
• Updated va_stdafx.h processing to handle macro patches for macros defined in source files. (case=70229)
• VS2010+: Fixed formatting of local variables in editors that don't have focus. (case=58985, case=70037)
• VS2010+: Fixed problem with VA Navigation bar overlapping auto-hide-enabled tool windows. (case=65922)
• VS2010+: Fixed exception reported when opening Python Tools tool window. (case=70279) 10996
• VS2012: Fixed VA Outline hanging on Windows 8. (case=70572)
• VS2012: Eliminated flicker in VA Outline and completion listbox when using dark theme. (case=70845, case=70878)
• VS2012: VA is active in .VBS files. (case=70904)

release notes 1929

New! Option to limit scope of Find References and Rename to the active project. (case=32262) 10662, 10045, 9010
New! Open Corresponding File (Alt+O) opens interface files of the form Foo.cs - IFoo.cs, Bar.cpp - IBar.h, and BazImpl.cpp - IBaz.h. (case=71335)
New! Find Symbol in Solution dialog uses editor selection (if any) to populate the search control. (case=71460)
New! Smart Suggestions are triggered immediately after accepting the case VA Snippet. (case=70316)
New! Added a registry setting to limit the number of hardware threads used for parallel operations. (case=72066) 11178
• Fixed several crash/heap corruption issues identified via Window Error Reporting. (case=71676, case=71924, case=71925) 11086
• Prevent display of global completion list when accessing members of unrecognized symbols. (case=71949)
• Move Selection to New File now supports html/asp/xml/xaml files. (case=71208)
• Improved speed of scrolling/paging through large files. (case=71747)
• Find References and Rename mark potential macro-defined matches with a question mark; these potential matches are unchecked by default for Rename. (case=9860) 11206, 9549, 6926
• Fix for cross-wired member lists of same-named symbols of differing types in separate projects. (case=67831) 10045
• Fix for problem launching Find References from the Find Symbol in Solution dialog when the text editor was not open. (case=71069)
• Fixed scope issues for Create Implementation on template functions. (case=2993) 11066, 8599, 8558, 7378, 7059, 6345, 6003
• Fix for missing parameters for operator overloads in Show Methods in File (Alt+M). (case=61650) 10371
• Smart Suggestions are offered for typedef enums. (case=70315)
• Fixed dot to -> conversion for arrays of pointers. (case=70518)
• Fix for blank $ClassName$ VA Snippet variable when class name is the same as its containing namespace. (case=71875) 11171
SAL-annotated functions appear correctly in the Alt+M list. (case=70669) 11168
• Corrected syntax for implemented C# .NET Framework interfaces. (case=71130)
• Parser fix for dot to -> failing on this pointer for partially qualified type scoped via using namespace directive. (case=72517)
• Parser fix for std::map::operator[] rval assigned to reference declared using C++ auto keyword. (case=71133)
• Parser fix for template parameters interspersed with long comments. (case=71326) 11079
• Changed Rename dialog UI by moving some functionality from checkboxes to context menu items. (case=71167, case=71812)
• Fixed inconsistent FSIS symbol count. (case=71276)
• Fix for Alt+M list omitting STMETHOD function names. (case=71278) 11076
• Fixed problem renaming a symbol in a Silverlight project when a .XAML file containing references to the symbol was not open in the text editor. (case=63374) 10488
• Fixed XAML rename symbol problem. (case=71372)
• Fix for failure to navigate to some items from Hovering Class Browser. (case=71675.)
• Prevent results of temporary non-solution files that have been deleted from appearing in Goto (Alt+G) menu. (case=71724)
• Resolved conflict between "Selections committed with: Enter" and ListboxSelectionStyle=2 registry setting. (case=71317)
• Fix for Enter Key dialog font display problem when Windows display size is > 100%. (case=71849)
• Find References shows non-modified highlight color for dereferenced pointer used in a comparison. (case=71921) 11177
• VA Snippet editor no longer replaces "%0" with "$selected$". (case=72032) 11186
• Fixed coloring of symbols that contain digit characters on Windows 8 when Chinese language pack is set as primary language. (case=71707)
• VS2012: Fixed crash displaying some HTML suggestions in VS2012 Update 2 CTP. (case=72245)
• VS2012: Fixed coloring of Param Info tooltips when using theme other than the light theme. (case=71740)
• VS2012: Fixed issue with listbox border color when pressing Ctrl to fade the listbox. (case=71131)
• VS2012: Fix for checkbox display problem when Windows display size is set to 150%. (case=71277) 11068
• VS2012: Fixed incorrect icon displaying for VA Outline nodes containing no children. (case=71279) 11077

release notes 1936

New! Find Symbol in Solution and Open File in Solution searches are case-sensitive if the search string contains at least one uppercase letter. (case=28758)
New! VS2010+: Support for coloring of code copied to clipboard. (case=71754) 11298, 11209, 11083, 9909, 9313
• Fixed crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=73741)
• Fixed Implement Interface support of method overloads. (case=54587) 11324, 10155, 9973
• Improved enum handling in Smart Suggestions. (case=73114)
• Removed inapplicable Smart Suggestions from template instance declaration. (case=72883)
• Goto (Alt+G) finds implementers of properties defined in interfaces. (case=73415)
• Fix for files missing from Open File in Solution list. (case=73814) 11319
• Parser fix for C# verbatim string literals of the form @"\""" (the backslash is literal but was being treated as an escape character). (case=72288)
• Made C++ parser more tolerant of IDL files with C++ file extensions. (case=73222)
• Parser fix for untagged struct typedefs. (case=73348)
• Fixed parsing of properties whose name is the same as the property type. (case=73412)
• Fixed improper handling of C++ default template arguments in refactoring operations. (case=2948) 11268, 6671
• Corrected type inference for dereferenced iterators. (case=72600)
• Highlight Current Line is available for large files. (case=72802)
• Fixed delay and incorrect ending caret position when inserting closing brace in a C# .aspx file in VS2008 and earlier. (case=69883)
• Fixed spurious dot to -> conversion following inequality sign. (case=73142) 11278
• Include file xkeycheck.h is ignored when parsing to prevent unintended keyword redefinitions. (case=73347)
• Support UNC-based profile paths. (case=73552)
• VS2010+: Changes to include directories are applied immediately without requiring reload of solution (fixes regression in 1916). (case=73816)
• VS2010+: Fixed missing typedef/macro information in Quick Info tooltip. (case=72729)
• VS2012: Prevent unintended insertion of VC++ snippets due to incorrect listbox selection state. (case=73604) 11329
• VS2012: Adjusted QuickInfo comment augmentation logic to prevent duplication of comments displayed by VC++ default IntelliSense. (case=73217) 11316, 11276

release notes 1940

New! Context-insensitive Highlight Active Word feature for unparsed files (such as text files) as well as strings and comments in parsed files. Enabled via Options | Advanced | Refactoring | Automatically highlight words matching comment under cursor. (case=73003)
New! Users can disable Surround With for individual characters '/*{#( via the registry. (case=73487) 11315
New! Changed default C++ Create From Usage snippet to use std::logic_error instead of std::exception. (case=72946) 11314, 11282
• Fixed crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=73742, case=73743, case=73744, case=73745, case=74097)
• Improved load time for solutions with tool-generated projects that are regenerated without change to contents. (case=74014)
• Case-sensitive filtering for Find Symbol in Solution and Open File in Solution introduced in build 1936 is now optional and controlled via context menu in results list. (case=74214) 11359, 11347
• Several fixes for refactoring and navigation for partially qualified symbols brought into scope with the C++ using namespace directive. (case=5315, case=7148, case=20644) 6573, 5959, 5219
• Fix for Create Declaration generating C++ code with redundant scope qualifier when target class is in a namespace. (case=5277, case=6593) 10819, 10053, 9172, 8062, 7385, 6934, 6257, 5959
• Fix for Create/Move Implementation stripping necessary scope qualifier from method pointer parameter. (case=73856)
• Fixed Goto from VA Outline when duplicate code windows open. (case=61729) 11350, 10375
• Fix for Goto missing some interface implementations. (case=74344)
• Fix for Create Implementation generating code with extraneous whitespace under some circumstances. (case=73112) 11291
• Improved support for filename matching when names contain multiple dots. (case=73757) 11333
• Fixed focus issue with the suggestion list that appears following "in" in a C# foreach statement. (case=73981) 10226
• Surround With feature is no longer invokable within comments, string literals, and tags in XML/HTML/XAML. (case=74045)
• Fix for Visual Studio reporting an exception when scrolling quickly through HTML and ASP files containing JavaScript when highlighted find results are present. (case=74466)
• Fix for Add Include placing the #include directive within a function block under some conditions. (case=74288) 11363
• Add Include is no longer offered for std::string if #include is already present in the file. (case=74343) 11363
• VS2008: Fixed intermittent crash at exit after a debugging session. (case=74338) 11368
• VS2010+: Fixed highlighting issue for JavaScript code inside HTML and ASP files. (case=74469)
release notes 1946b• New! Preliminary support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview.
• Context field shows curly brace instead of BRC for nested code blocks, e.g. if (foo) {{ for(; {{ bar(); }}}} shows if.{.for.{ as the innermost context. (case=74883)
• Fixed issue with Highlight Find Results failing intermittently after pressing Find Next (regression in 1940). (case=74938) 11413

release notes 2001

New! Support for Visual Studio 2013 RC.
New! Create class from unknown type following "new". (case=27628) 11489, 11481, 10493
• Fixed issue with parameter suggestions when parameters contained parentheses. (case=1771, case=1248) 11477, 10289, 5000, 4725
• Fix for Create Declaration generating C++ code with redundant scope qualifier when target class is in multiple nested namespaces. (case=6593) 10819, 10053, 9172, 9018, 8062, 7385, 6934, 6257
• Corrected handling of VA Snippets containing user-defined default values. (case=17724) 7923
• Several fixes for functional and display issues for code containing Asian characters. (case=70783, case=71169) 11067, 11035
• Home/End keypress closes listboxes when already at Home/End in listbox. (case=70491)
• Fixed Methods in File (Alt+M) issue caused by incorrect handling of braces and parentheses in #if 0 blocks. (case=73884)
• Fix for excessive startup.log file growth. (case=74931)
• Lines cut using Ctrl+L appear in the Ctrl+Shift+V multiple clipboard list. (case=75779) 11466
• Fix for problem opening line above/below (Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+Shift+Enter) inside a multi-line comment when auto-extend comments is enabled. (case=76020)
• VS2012+: Fix for load of large solution unnecessarily blocking UI thread. (case=76143) 11479
• VS2012+: Fixed flicker in VA Outline with dark theme. (case=76916)
• VS2013: Support for Peek Definition window. (case=75021)
• VS2013: Resolved conflict between block comment VA Snippet and IDE brace completion. (case=75035) 11549
• VS2013: A one-time warning message is displayed if a user disables brace completion in VA but not in Visual Studio. (case=76840)
• VS2013: Fix for coloring of tooltips in VA tool windows in light and blue themes. (case=76979)

release notes 2007rc

New! Change Signature updates references when adding, reordering or removing signature parameters. (case=73302) 11300, 11589
New! Change Signature may be applied to derived classes. (case=3373) 5554, 5746, 6995, 6529, 6579, 7507, 8015, 9451, 11030
New! Include file hierarchy viewer mode added to HCB (VAssistX | Tools | List include files). (case=7156) 6384, 6639, 8074, 9443, 9596
New! Rename operations invoked during Change Signature optionally operate on symbol occurances in comments and strings. (case=9978) 7478, 10947
New! Support for Visual Studio 2013 RTM.
New! VS2002+: Tip of the Day and Check for New Version can be invoked via new VAssistX | Help menu. (case=6944, case=77499)
New! Additional commands added to context menu of Find References results window and Rename dialog. (case=8024) 6516
New! Added additional Visual Studio commands to set focus to various elements of VA View tool window. (case=21626, case=61109) 10730
• Change Signature no longer assumes parameter names used in implementation match declaration. (case=9327) 6805, 6993, 7788, 9355, 11049
• Removed warning message dialogs produced by Change Signature. (case=1158, case=1528) 4592, 4867, 5061, 5639
• Move implementation no longer removes keyword 'new' from inline constructor initialization. (case=3519)
5598, 10372, 11559
• Added error codes to default 'SuggestionsForType HRESULT' snippet. (case=76984)
• Fixed lack of symbol coloring in various views and lists on Windows 8.1. (case=75892) 11478
• When a file is a part of multiple projects in a solution, Rename File updates all of the projects. (case=77850)
• Fixed type inference of 'var' used in C# foreach. (case=76995)
• Fix for case where Create Declaration placed declaration outside of the correct namespace. (case=77023) 11535
• Fixed parsing of forward declared enum with size specification (enum foo : int;). (case=75894) 11444,
• Fixed Find References identification of fully qualified enum items. (case=77550) 11581
• Addressed several display scaling issues. (case=77508)
• Fixed handling of ref parameter during Extract Method in C#. (case=76987)
• Fixed various VA View tool window navigation issues. (case=77213, case=77371)
• Alt+g works in column 0 of lines with #include directives. (case=77331)
• Fixed HCB display of source file-defined nested structs. (case=75949)
• Fix for case where Extract Method placed the generated function into the body of an existing function. (case=76985, case=77105) 11535
• Fixed smart suggestion of locally declared enum in case statement of switch. (case=76960)
• Fixed crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=76892, case=78058, case=78158)
• Disallow delete of text in title window of VA View HCB. (case=66807) 10730
• Fixed insertion of '()' during function call completion when '(' is already present but separated by space. (case=77938) 11605
• Extensions to ignore list now supports compound file extensions (.foo.h). (case=77993)
• '^' is supported in snippet default values. (case=78265)
• Addressed case where a brower window opened from the options dialog was maximized. (case=77372)
• VS2010+: Fix for some symbols appearing without italics in C# when "Stable symbols in italics" is enabled. (case=944)
• VS2012+: Fixed incorrect format of code after typing the scope resolution operator. (case=77157) 11567
• VS2012+: Themed the HCB title box. (case=77328)
• VS2013: Fixed crash that occurred on some file loads. (case=77742)
• VS2013: Fixed crash that occurred after using ctrl+, and then typing while editor has bad focus state. (case=78056) 11609
• VS2013: Fixed lack of coloring in editor when Visual Studio 2013 is installed to a non-default location.

release notes 2023

• New! When Add Include is run on a GDI+ symbol, VA adds rather than one of its dependencies. (case=78630)
• Reduced reformatting of parameters in declarations and implementations during Change Signature. (case=78973)
• Fix for attributes being associated with wrong node in VA Outline. (case=7606) 6454, 7911, 8376, 8602, 10692
• Support for keyword auto used in condition of C++11 range-based for loop. (case=69242)
• Fix missing method in Methods in File list when the method has a parameter named "event." (case=72323) 11207, 11675
• Variable declared in C++/CLI "for each, in" loop when loop body has no braces is now identified. (case=24363)
• Fix for Implement Interface improperly adding implementations for some methods already implemented. (case=77996)
• Fix for dot to -> failing when invoked on function that returns a pointer to an object. (case=78150) 11615
• Create Implementation no longer offered on methods with C++11 explicit =delete or =default. (case=78759)
• Fix for Extract Method refusal to run in some methods that are not explicitly namespace qualified. (case=77282)
• Enhanced coloring of VA Navigation Bar now works on Windows 8.1. (case=78670)
• Fix for hang on Windows 8.1 during drag-and-drop in VA Snippet editor. (case=78493)
• Fix for alternating mouse cursor in the Rename dialog on Windows 8.1. (case=78737)
• Fix for error message that appears after multiple consecutive clicks in the VA Outline (regression in build 2007). (case=78834)
• Fixed problem synchronizing editor color customizations (regression in build 2007). (case=79107)
• Fixed parsing of certain enum declarations (regression in build 2007). (case=78898)
• Added additional waypoints to VA back/forward navigation history. (case=78770)
• When the VA "Display paste menu" setting is disabled, the paste menu keybinding (ctrl+shift+v) will invoke Edit.CycleClipboardRing. (case=78756)
• VS2005+: Fix for realtime monitoring of project setting updates. (case=73816, case=78799, case=78821)
• VS2010+: Fixed dead Go button in VA Navigation Bar after removal of split in editor window. (case=78796) 11661
• VS2012+: Improved behavior with default themes defined by VS Theme Editor and provided registry setting to override VA theming decisions. (case=78600)
• VS2013: Fix for incorrect environment font being used in various VA dialogs and windows. (case=78498) 11643, 11634

release notes 2029

• New! Change Signature prompts for value to insert when adding parameter placeholder to call references. (case=58410) 10220
• Improved word (ctrl+left / ctrl+right) navigation in Change Signature dialog. (case=78943)
• Updated Options dialog styles. (case=77620)
• Fixed parsing of C++ rvalue references and improved parsing of decltypes. (case=20625) 9662, 11414, 11729
• Fixed coloring of variables named "value." (case=37888) 9625, 10186, 10672
• Implement Interface is now available on classes declared inside of functions. (case=74977) 11415
• Fixed parsing of C++11 member initializations. (case=79074) 11660
• Fixed methods in file list missing __resumable and __attribute__ methods. (case=79163, case=79813)
• Fixed crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=79849)
• Support for dot to arrow conversion on handles to handles in C++/CLI. (case=80210) 11767
• Spellcheck supports doxygen comments that begin with "//!
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